Online Makeup Wars – Is Your Makeup Genuine?

October 4, 2012

With so many online beauty stores and bargains out there, ask yourself if the makeup you’re buying is genuine, and if the website is safe to shop from. James Patten, the co-owner and director of authorised cosmetic e-commerce site,, shares his top six tips for online shoppers to ensure they are buying genuine products from authorised online retailers.

1. Do your research

Google the company and look for reviews of their services in forums.

2. Look for a physical street address and phone number

If you can not contact them you can not be confident they are legitimate.

3.Check for Australian authenticity guarantees and warrantees when buying products

Without these you may have difficulty receiving a refund, exchange or repair if the product is faulty.

4. Know who you are buying from

Read the privacy policy, terms and conditions, refunds and returns policy before you purchase.

5. Ensure that you can pay securely

When you reach the shopping cart the page should either start with https:// or a small image of a padlock should appear on your browser. Once you have paid keep your confirmation – online stores often need a name or an order number to make an exchange, chase a missing product or issue a refund.

6. If in doubt call the wholesaler or online store

The wholesaler can verify if the website is an authorised distributor of their product. If it is a query about purchasing call the site itself and chat through their procedures with a member of staff.

Where do you shop for hair and beauty products?

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