Ooooh Sean and Milla!

November 9, 2004

Ooooh Sean and Milla!

Sean Lennon
New couple of the week ? Sean Lennon and Milla Jovovich have been seen together at at Sean (P. Diddy) Combs’ Royal Birthday Ball last week. Both have been known for their celebrity dating ? Sean has been linked to Bijou Phillips and Elizabeth Jagger while Milla has been engaged to her Resident Evil director, Paul W.S. Anderson, and also has been married to her Fifth Element director, Luc Besson. Apparently Naomi Campbell saw the couple nuzzling at the party, and said of the new gossip, “Is this what’s going on now?” Campbell asked. Milla nodded shyly, to which Naomi shrieked “I love this!” and promptly took her pal aside for a girly goss.

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Want to know what goes on in Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen?s lives even more than you do now? As of December, fans of the pair will be able to join their Official Online Fan Club, which apparently will be a “complete magazine-style lifestyle experience.” For a yet undisclosed fee, subscribers will be able to receive “multipurpose membership card/mirror/nail file,” a “full-color” autographed photo of Mary-Kate and Ashley, an e-mail from the sisters, screensavers, and ring tones. Their Dualstar CEO Robert Thorne says the pair wishes to promote positive values for pre-teens everywhere. He says, “Especially in a time when they’re trying to be a little more private and phase into their adult life, it’s encouraging to me that they’re still so willing to reach out to their fans.” Only if they pay of course?

Gary Sinise
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If you love CSI and CSI Miami you are in for a treat with US network CBS picking up a full season of the newest addition to the CSI family ? CSI NY staring Gary Sinise. The show in the states is already beating it?s number 1 competitor Law and Order let?s just hope channel 9 over here don’t put us through weeks and weeks of repeats like they do with CSI currently!

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