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Opposites do not attract!

Opposites do not attract!

Paula Abdul in her film clip “Opposites Attract”

Opposites do not attract, says Matchmaking Agency. Too bad for Paula Abdul! But do you believe it?

An independent study by Executive Matchmaking agency, Blue Label Life, has revealed that over 75 per cent of long-term relationships breakdown as a result of a clash in fundamental values.

The annual poll, titled ‘The Compatibility Calculator’ drew over 5000 respondents across Australia from January-April, and is designed to analyse why long-term relationships (three years or more) breakdown.

Chemistry/personality clashes (77.2 per cent) are once again the number one reason for long-term relationship breakdown – up 22 per cent from 2009.

Samantha Jayne, director of Blue Label Life, said this increase has everything to do with the ‘six pillars of values’ that provide the foundations to a healthy relationship.

“Whether we choose to believe it or not,” said Ms Jayne, “Money, sex, work, family, personal habits, even our take on household chores play a significant role in both the formation and preservation of any relationship.
“Couples aren’t planting the necessary seeds to get to know one another from the outset. The problem more and more people are finding is that those seeds eventually grow into weeds years down the track.”

Other reasons for relationship breakdown include; lifestyles habits (5.7 per cent), infidelity (4.9 per cent), Money (4.9 per cent), family issues (3.8 per cent), partner/you not wanting to commit to marriage (1.6 per cent), partner/you not wanting children (1.2 per cent), and other (0.7 per cent)
“The study adds further truth to the old saying; ‘Birds and the feather flock together,’ said Ms Jayne.”

So what do you think? Do opposites attract? Share your stories now!

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