Oprah gives every audience member a car!

September 14, 2004

Oprah gives every audience member a car!

So generous
Oprah Winfrey has surpassed all generosity expectations when she gave away $10 million worth of cars yesterday. All 276 audience members on her hit chat show received a free PONTIAC G6 sports sedans, a new line of cars. The show opened with Oprah calling 11 audience members to the stage and surprising them with a new car. Then she gave gift boxes out to the rest of the mostly selected audience, proclaiming one of them contained the keys to the 12th free car. All boxes were opened, revealing that every audience member had received a set of keys. The excited crowd were then led to the parking lot, where G6s were displayed with big red bows on them. Winfrey told her audience members, “No dream is too wild, no surprise too impossible to pull off.”

Maybe they’re building a soccer team?
Victoria and David Beckham have told friends their third child is going to be a boy. They were hoping for a sister for sons Brooklyn, five, and Romeo, two and are a little disappointed however are looking forward to the new arrival… British actor Paul Nicholls has proclaimed that dating Jennifer Love Hewitt put him off dating actresses for life. He says, “All actresses are barmy. They are all crackers?Jennifer was alright, but crackers. I can’t tell you more, that would be slagging someone off?… Ashley Olsen is reportedly dating an older man ? 30-year-old man about town Scott Sartiano. Although a rep for Ashley is saying ?they?re just friends?, the pair have been spotted all around New York together after meeting a month ago…

Uma Thurman
Celebrity Predictions: Uma Thurman
Rumours about an engagement will surface in late 2004, which the Kill Bill star will deny. Uma is in no hurry to get married again, but she has considered another having another child in the next two years. Her current beau will turn out to be not such a ?knight in shining armour? and due to his roving eye, she will break off the relationship. It will be in June 2005, that she meets Mr Right, beginning a new chapter in her life. This will see her remarrying in 2006 in the midst of a career high for her. For more celebrity predictions check out www.inpsyche.com.au

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