Oprah Goes Makeup-Free And Reveals A Little Too Much…

December 31, 2010

Oprah Goes Makeup-Free And Reveals A Little Too Much…

I knew Oprah was hilarious coming from the taping of one of her Australian shows a few weeks ago, but who knew she could be so frank and open with millions of her fans?

On Wednesday’s show Oprah offered her audience a rare glimpse into the real Oprah, going makeup-free, relaxing in a bath and candidly talking about her recent colonoscopy experience.

The talkshow billionaire said she was in such a daze and “so drugged” on painkillers after the procedure that she wondered into a production meeting that she has never attended in all her 25 years of hosting the show, disguised behind dark glasses and barely even able to “stand up.”

The 56-year-old candidly explained she was on “percocet and valium” and with a beaming smile didn’t hesitate to share “the drugs are wonderful – it’s a sedation vacation. You’re somewhat in, somewhat out.”

Oprah launches her own network OWN on January 1 and decided to have a camera crew follow her and her team around for the year to record her last year of the show, and it really is no holds barred.

The funniest moment then came when one of her staff asked her if a colonoscopy really hurts.

“Let me tell you…a colonoscopy is the easiest, simplest thing you can ever do,” Oprah starts.

“This is me, who will not take public bowel movements. I am not going to go number two in a public…oh my god no!”

She had her staff in stitches when she continued with a story about how she was forced to go to the bathroom at her gym when only the janitor was there and she had to wait in the toilet until they had left.

“It could be the biggest single drawback to being you,” says one of her team.

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