Oprah’s Favourite Things…Part Two!

November 23, 2010

Oprah’s Favourite Things…Part Two!

Last week Oprah announced her Ultimate Favourite Things to a screaming audience – paramedics were on standby for those too overwhelmed by the freebies – and as one of the most tuned in episodes of the year she decided to do it all again. Even better, the audience were totally unsuspecting!

So you can imagine the volume level in that studio when Oprah presented them with a brand new Volkswagen Beetle! It’s so new it won’t be ready till May 2011 but everyone in the audience got a sneak peak. OK, now we’re really jealous!

Here are some of Oprah’s Favourite Things the encore that are slightly more within reach – if you’re scrambling for Christmas gift ideas take note!

Philosophy Hope in a Jar

This best-selling moisturiser makes a gorgeous Christmas gift. Philosophy’s products work wonders and the packaging is amazing. Look out for the limited edition commemorative box featuring a young Oprah, so cute!

Herb Savor by Prepara

“I was asking everybody, ‘How do you keep herbs fresh?’ including Martha Stewart herself,” Oprah says. “But then I discovered this.” If you’re sick of throwing away store-bought herbs after a few days the Herb Savor really is a sanity saver. It submerges the stems in water and keeps most herbs fresh for weeks. Makes a great gift for the foodie in your life.

The Book of Awakening, by Mark Nepo

The Book of Awakening is a year’s supply of inspirational stories and beautifully written essays that the reader can reflect on in daily doses.
Oprah was given the book as a birthday gift and says she does one lesson from the book every morning. “Mark Nepo is a poet,” Oprah says. “He’s an author and a philosopher and has been through two different cancers. So when he writes, he writes purely from the heart.”

Classic Sparkles UGG Boots

Oprah is such a huge fan of UGGs they’ve been on her Favourite Things list for more than a decade! But we’re not sure what to make of these sparkly UGGs – are they daggy slippers or party footwear? What do you think?

Illuminations CD by Josh Groban

Oprah has never made a secret of her love for musician Josh Groban, and bestie Gayle King is even more obsessed with him (remember the episode where Oprah reduced Gayle to a blubbering mess during a surprise serenade?). This is his latest album and a perfect stocking stuffer for the ladies.

Apple iPad

As if sales weren’t already record-breaking, Oprah’s love for the iPad will surely get those queues happening all over again. She loves is so much she’s called it the invention of the century. “Thanks to my iPad, I now read about four newspapers a day.” Oprah says. If you’re still hesitating in getting one, think of it as an exercise motivator – Oprah loves to play Scrabble on the iPad while she’s working out. “I can get at least two Scrabble games while I work out on my treadmill.”

Tell us some of your favourite things from 2010!

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