Organic Day Spa Review

April 15, 2011

Panpuri Organic Spa

Pañpuri Organic Spa is an oasis of calm in busy downtown Pyrmont. The minute you walk in the door you are welcomed into an opulent experience in the first luxury spa to use the highest quality, authentic organic spa products available, in a warm, sensuous and soothing environment. Exclusive, secluded and private, Pañpuri offers a cocoon of luxurious comfort and relaxation.

From the moment I entered the Pañpuri Organic Spa, everything feels very luxurious and gentle. Do yourself a favour and try to relax and unwind in teh very private sanctuary that is Panpuri in Prymont.

I was lucky enough to have the Mali-Montra Youthful Facial, which is great for Normal / Dry Skin and was for a blissful 75 minutes. (RRP $170)

The Mali- Montra Facial is described as “Even normal skin can benefit from our unique anti-aging facial. An enchanting treatment inspired by Thailand’s most sacred flower, the delicate Thai Jasmine Blossom, Pañpuri captures and enriches the legendary healing and aromatic virtues of the purest white blossoms’ essence to create a potent antioxidant and hydrating compound that boosts skin’s defense against aging. After deep exfoliation, removing excess dead skin, your skin is gently hydrated using a warm sesame poultice made from organic sesame seeds and pure, natural ingredients. This facial uses a combination of Shiatsu techniques and brisk hand strokes that move in a smooth, upward motion to lift and rejuvenate, helping to combat the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, while gentle lymphatic drainage techniques help reduce puffiness, and minimise the signs of premature aging.”

My treatment started with the Organic Tea Tree Foot Ritual then moved on to the anti-aging facial, which I really felt I needed that day! My lovely therapist had only been in Australia from Thailand for 3 months and was so gentle, and obviously well trained that I was easily able to relax and leave myself in her very capable hands.

Although everything seems to have an “organic” twist to it these days, this is genuinely an authentic experience with even the towels as well as all the products being organic and naturally sourced. The luxury of the Pañpuri skincare and aromatherapy range offers a range of natural Thai and Oriental influenced massage techniques, including Traditional Thai Massage, Indian Ayurvedic Massage, Indonesian Balinese Massage, and Japanese Shiatsu Massage. They manage to easily combine these and other Eastern techniques, combined with the Panpuri unique blend of pure, organic, infused oils, deliver a truly exotic and memorable experience.

Panpuri Organic Spa Sydney

Suite G. 02, 55 Miller Street, Pyrmont. NSW

(02) 9660 1916

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