Oriental Day Spa treatments

March 3, 2011

Holiday treatments without leaving home

Oriental Spa offers Tropical Day Spa Experience in an urban setting located in Chatswood, a vibrant & metropolitan central hub of the Sydney’s North Shore. Even though from the outside the day spa is on a busy road in Chatswood, once you step inside you are transported to an exotic and relaxing environment that could be right out of the pages of a travel brochure in Thailand, India or Bali. The quietness of the day spa surrounds you and envelopes you, drawing you into the peaceful, calm surroundings of the Oriental Day Spa.

Oriental spa offers a unique combination of treatments originating from various Asian cultures, with artfully blended influences of Balinese, Javanese, Indian, Thai and Chinese practices – all in one beautifully serene setting. From the moment you pass through the door of Oriental Spa, you are whisked away from the frenzy of city life and transported into a world of tranquility. Somehow you feel like you have jumped on a plane and landed in Thailand or Bali!

The gentle cascade of water with the calming music, immediately helps you feel the tension melt away and feel relaxed and calm even before your treatment begins. I was lucky enough to have the Balinese Bamboo Massage and for an hour and 20 mins I was in total heaven! The Balinese Bamboo Massage combines the traditional benefits of massage along with the comforting qualities of heat using heated bamboo rods of various sizes to knead and roll out knots and relax tense muscles. My lovely masseur was a quiet, calming and talented lady that didn’t chatter away and had a serene aura about her that suited the mood of the day spa perfectly.

I would highly recommend if if you are feeling stressed, tense or need a good strong sports massage. It is the also a great way to beat the effects of jet lag. It could just be the best $125 you have spent and you didn’t even need to go all the way to Bali or Thailand to enjoy it!

Next time I want to try the “One Step Ahead Package” Including: Aromatic Floral Foot Bath, Foot Massage / Reflexology, Aromatherapy Body Massage/Indian Head Massage for two hours and 10 minutes of bliss for $185. Or if you want to take your partner along try the “Ancient Rituals
Package” which includes: Aromatic Floral Foot Bath, Aromatherapy Body & Face Massage, Papaya Body Masque and Yoghurt Facial for two hours and 40 minutes of pleasure. Price is $245 or $445 for two.

If you are in Sydney check out the Oriental Day Spa www.orientalspa.com.au

1/67 Archer Street

Chatswood,Sydney, NSW 2067

T: 02 9904 6455

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