Orlando Bloom Just Went Paddleboarding In His Birthday Suit

August 4, 2016

Ironically, these NSFW pictures will get you through your workday.

Here’s something we never thought we’d see: heartthrob Orlando Bloom paddleboarding with Katy Perry – in the nude. Well, he was, at least.

That’s right. Maybe he didn’t pack enough clothes or maybe he was inspired by the locals, but whatever the case, the actor and his girlfriend are clearly enjoying a stress-free and clothes-free holiday in Sardinia, spending their days showing a lot of PDA at a public beach and not giving a damn whether they’re photographed or not.

But, to the disappointment of all men (and a lot of women), Perry didn’t join Bloom in his nudity, instead deciding to keep her bits covered in pretty much the least revealing bikini we’ve ever seen. While Perry sat straight bolt upright at the front of the board, BF Bloom paddled around, letting everything hang loose – literally.

Bloom and Perry reportedly started dating at the start of this year and made their relationship somewhat public when they wore matching Tamagotchis at the Met Gala in May. Adorable!

Looking at the pics, we can’t tell if Katy’s impressed or freaked out – she has a ‘please don’t let that thing touch my back’ facial expression. All we know for sure is that we certainly are.

The NY Daily News published the censored full-frontal pictures, but we’re happy to say the uncensored versions have since emerged on Twitter. C’mon, we know you want to have a look…

Comment: Have these pics changed your perception of Orlando? Is it better or worse than before you saw them?


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