Orlando & Kate split

February 1, 2005

Orlando & Kate split

The couuple in December
The fairytale seems to be over ? Orlando Bloom has reportedly split with his girlfriend of three years, Kate Bosworth. A source said: “Orlando has said that it is all over between him and Kate and that he’s back in the dating game.? The reason for the split seems to be their busy filming schedules as they were spending too much time apart. A source says, “It seems they were never together for longer than a week before one of them had to jet off to the other side of the world for film commitments. Kate’s devastated by the split.” The pair have been dating since meeting on the set of a Gap ad in 2002. It seems their relationship wasn?t all rose though ? rumours abounded last year that Kate was jealous of the time Orlando was spending with Elizabethtown co-star Kirsten Dunst. Kirsten is renowned for dating co-stars and was going through her break-up with Jake Gyllenhall at the time. The plot thickens…

Bec Cartwright on Monday
Bec & Lleyton engaged?!
Australia has been buzzing these last few days with news of Lleyton Hewitt?s proposal to Bec Cartwright. Only six weeks after their relationship began, the 23-year-old tennis star got down on bended knee to proclaim his love for the 21-year-old starlet. According to a statement from their agents, “Lleyton and Bec met five years ago at a Starlight Foundation charity tennis day and rekindled their relationship late last year. The couple were instantly committed to each other and their close connection has been well documented in the media through their public acknowledgement and mutual support.? But it seems the public is sceptical. Are they both rebounding? The engagement comes only two months since Bec?s split from fellow Home and Away star Beau Brady and four months after Lleyton and Belgian tennis ace Kim Clijsters broke up. The pair were engaged and were planning on marrying this month. Other rumours include a Channel Seven joint promotion agreement ? there were advertisements during the Australian Open advertising Bec?s appearance on Dancing with the Stars and it can’t be denied how it will help ratings for Home and Away . Lleyton has also expressed interest in appearing on Home and Away, telling television host Jim Courier that he?d love to be an extra sitting in a Summer Bay caf?. Seven had approached Hewitt to be in its third series of the hit Dancing With The Stars, but he declined.

Portia de Rossi
Commitment rings for lesbian stars
Former Ally McBeal star Portia De Rossi has presented her girlfriend Ellen DeGeneres with a wedding ring. The 31-year-old Australian gave her chat show girlfriend the Tiffany platinum band at her 47th birthday last week. According to the New York Post, she also had a matching ring made for herself. A source told the paper, “It signifies their commitment to each other.” It seems extravagant gifts are the style of the times ? Portia also gave Ellen an 80?s vintage Porsche for Christmas. Of course, their former partners aren?t so happy though. Ellen?s former lover, photographer Alexandra Hedison is apparently devastated by their breakup, and Portia has already had laser treatment to remove the tattooed initials of her former lover, Francesca Gregorini, from her ring finger. Yes, a brand new platinum wedding ring may not look so good over the initials of an ex-girlfriend.

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