Oscars Worst Red Carpet Dresses

March 3, 2014

What would the Oscars be without the worst dressed celebrities? We’re live updating the worst of the Oscars red carpet.


We can’t help but think Julia Roberts looks frumpy in this black lace number. But it looks like peplum is the big trend this year…


Emma Watson wowed us at the Golden Globes in her tangerine pants-dress, but this glittery tank dress doesn’t really do anything for us.


Anne Hathaway is statuesque in this Gucci gown, but isn’t it a little, meh?  She usually looks amazing on the red carpet, but we were hoping for a little more edge at the Oscars.


Naomi Watts’ Calvin Klein Collection dress is lovely, but the styling messes with the overall look. The brushed back hair, the chunky necklace, and the pointy shoulders detract from what could have been a Grace Kelly-esque red carpet appearance.


What happened to Elvira, I mean, Margot Robbie? The dark hair, the dark lips, the bad 80’s formal dress…don’t you hate when bad fashion happens to the beautiful people?


There’s nothing really wrong with Amy Adams’ navy Gucci Premiere gown, but it’s just a little boring. Is it a carbon copy of Amy’s? The peplum detail is unnecessary.


And there’s nothing really wrong with Jennifer Lawrence’s red Dior dress, with diamond necklace that drapes down her back. But she’s 23, and this is a much older dress. After all the fun dresses she’s been wearing on the red carpet lately, this is a bit of a letdown.


Anna Kendrick is really dressing older than she is, and the midriff detail just ruins an already dull look.

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