Our Million Dollar Share Prize Just Went Off!

November 20, 2015

One very lucky reader will be livin’ large.

When 27 year-old Olivia Evans picked up the phone on Thursday night, she had no idea it would be a life-changing call.

The Sydney based college student was announced as the winner of SHESAID’s Million Dollar Share sweepstake after deciding to enter on a whim in August.

“When I first got the news over the phone I honestly thought that it had to be some kind of joke or scam and there had to be some kind of catch. But, as the call went on I transitioned from being totally sceptical to just plain dumbfounded by the news,” Olivia says.

The lucky SHESAID reader won a cool $20,000 as well as the chance to come to SHESAID’s editorial HQ where she drew an envelope for a one in one hundred chance of scoring a million dollars.

Olivia, who is currently undertaking her PhD, says she entered the draw on a whim without actually checking what the prize was, assuming it would be something small and trivial.

“I normally never enter these things, because I never think there’s chance of winning. I do remember reading the entry form that day for the competition and thinking, ‘Eh, why not? Doesn’t hurt to give it a go, I never do these things, you never know your luck’. However, I definitely couldn’t recall what the prize was, in my mind it was something in the value range of a book voucher.”

SHESAID's editorial assistant Issy, editor Nadia, and content producers Nadine and Daisy with the lucky winner.
SHESAID’s editorial assistant Issy, editor Nadia, and content producers Nadine and Daisy with the lucky winner.

Olivia claimed her $20,000 prize at SHESAID this morning with her parents and boyfriend by her side to celebrate. Although she didn’t draw the winning million dollar envelope, Olivia says the whole experience has still been life-changing.

“I want to buy myself a nice new reliable car, I wouldn’t have ever been able to afford it if this hadn’t happened. I’m just a student, I’ve only been scraping by. This sort of money is life-changing for me.”

We’re so happy for Olivia, congrats from all the SHESAID team!


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