Our Top 5 New Reads For March

February 27, 2013

An epic page-turner set in World War II, Jodi Picoult’s latest bestseller, a heartwarming novel of mothers and daughters – we’ve got 5 must-read books you’ll love going into March…

The Storyteller’s Daughter by Maria Goodin. Published By Allen and Unwin RRP $27.99

Meg May can’t remember anything about her early childhood but her cookery-obsessed, fairytale-telling mother has filled her in on all the important details. Meg knows that her father was a French chef who died in a tragic pastry-making accident; that as a premature baby she was put on a sunny windowsill to ripen; and that the scar on her cheek was the result of a nasty nip from one of her mother’s crab cakes.
But, at eight years old, Meg rebels against this fictional life and decides there and then to turn her back on the world of stories, determined to let logic rule every thought and deed. Now on the verge of a respected scientific career with a scientist boyfriend who believes only in facts, Meg is called home. Her mother is ill and as Meg spends one last beautiful summer baking, gardening and talking with her mother, rediscovering what’s important, she longs to know the reality of her life–but Meg may not discover the truth in time.

A poignant, funny and heartwarming novel of mothers and daughters, families and secrets, this is a book to lose–and find yourself–in.

Rough Diamond by Kathryn Ledson. Published By Penguin Group RRP $29.99

Funny, romantic, and action-packed, Rough Diamond introduces Australia’s own Stephanie Plum – the unforgettable Erica Jewell.

The shock ending to Erica Jewell’s marriage left a huge hole in her bank balance and a bigger one in her heart. And now her life goals make a very short list: no surprises, no debt and, definitely, no men. That is, until she finds one bleeding to death in her Melbourne garden one stormy Friday night. 

Jack Jones is a man whose emotional wounds are more life-threatening than the bullet in his shoulder. Under orders, he recruits Erica to his secret team of vigilantes, and Erica suspects her safe, predictable world is about to be turned upside down.  And she’s absolutely right.

Critics are raving about Kathryn Ledson’s debut novel as it is a rollicking tale with fabulous characters, lots of laughs and an exciting plot. A new star on the rise in Australian romantic fiction!

The Storyteller by Jodie Picoult. Published By Allen and Unwin RRP $29.99

An astonishing novel about redemption and forgiveness from number-one bestselling author Jodi Picoult.? After befriending an old man in her town, Sage Singer is deeply shocked when he begs her for a terrible favour – until he shares his darkest secret with her. In the latest novel from master storyteller, Jodi Picoult, she asks: can evil ever be forgiven? And can murder ever be justified?

Sage Singer is a young woman who has been damaged by her past. Her solitary night work as a baker allows her to hide from the world and focus her creative energies on the beautiful bread she bakes.?Yet she finds herself striking up an unlikely friendship. Josef Weber is a quiet, grandfatherly man, well respected in the community; everyone’s favourite retired teacher and Little League coach.?One day he asks Sage for a favour: to kill him. Shocked, Sage refuses. Then Josef tells her that he deserves to die – and why.?What do you do when evil lives next door? Can someone who’s committed horrendous acts ever truly redeem themselves? Is forgiveness yours to offer if you aren’t the person who was wronged?

And most of all – if Sage even considers his request – would it be murder, or justice?

The Captive Sun by Irena Karafilly. Published By Picador RRP $29.99

Calliope Adham is a schoolmistress in the Greek village of Molyvos when Hitler’s army invades in 1941. Young and linguistically gifted, she is promptly recruited by the Germans, to work as their liaison officer. It is the beginning of a personal and national saga that will last well over thirty years.

Calliope’s wartime duties bring her into close contact with a Wehrmacht officer named Lieutenant Umbreit. Their improbable friendship blossoms despite Calliope’s clandestine work for the Resistance, in a fishing village seething with dread and suspicion.

Amid privation and death, village hostility finally erupts, but the bond between Calliope and Umbreit survives the Occupation, taking unforeseeable turns. Their relationship continues through several tumultuous decades, as Greece is ravaged by civil war, oppressed by military dictatorship, and finally liberated in the mid 1970s.
The Captive Sun is a haunting novel, weaving the private and the historic into a vivid tapestry of Greek island life. An epic page-turner, it chronicles the story of an extraordinary woman and her lifelong struggle against social and political tyranny.

Be Careful What You Wish For by Gemma Crisp. Published by Allen and Unwin $24.99

Everything seems to be going right for Nina – hot boyfriend, a sparkling social life and a dream job in the glamorous world of magazines. Surely nothing could possibly spoil this perfect picture? A fun and fast-paced new novel from the editor of CLEO.
When Nina Morey gets her perfectly pedicured toe on the first rung of the highly-competitive magazine publishing ladder, she can’t believe her luck. Then she lands the hottest man in town AND her best friend relocates from the other side of the world to help her paint the town neon pink. Nina’s life has suddenly turned from dull to dream come true.?Soon she’s scaling the magazine ladder faster than you can say ‘Anna Wintour’, securing dream job after dream job, while schmoozing her way around Sydney’s hottest spots. Life is good. What could possibly go wrong??Strap on your highest heels for a fast-paced peek inside the glossy world of the Australian magazine industry.

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