Our Top 5 Picks From Uberkate This Christmas

November 25, 2012

We’re obsessed with Uberkate jewellery and have put together our ultimate Christmas wishlist (hint: send this link to your hubbie to help him out too!).

Uberkate is a world where artisan craftsmanship and personalised jewellery combine to create lasting connections between families and loved ones. Each Uberkate design is individually handcrafted from the highest-quality metals into a premium piece of jewellery that is as distinctive as it is elegant.

A piece of jewellery from Uberkate is the perfect way to mark sentimentality and meaning. A keepsake to mark an individual moment in time.

1. Ubercircle necklace

At the cornerstone of the Uberkate collection is the original silver necklace, the Ubercircle. The Ubercircle is a striking blend of sophisticated aesthetic and bespoke craftsmanship. Perfect for keeping your loved ones close to your heart. The Ubercircle is the original piece of personalised jewellery and has evolved into a stunning gold necklace version as well as the original silver necklace.

2. The Living Range by uberKate

This stunning range embodies the spirit of growing vines. Based on a knarled and twisted vine the Living Collection is earthy in its very nature.

“Turning a living piece of art into sterling silver was an increadible experience for me. I was aiming for a liquid metal look to the pieces and I’m really happy with the result.” Kate Sutton, uberKate’s Creative Director.

3. Bring back the hoops

Fashion forward and bespoke for the wearer Uberkate earrings are certainly a statement piece of women’s jewellery. The Smashed Hoop Earrings were born during the act of the hammer on the anvil. These silver earrings have been hand-beaten into existence, from inert wire to crafted beauty.

4. Living Rings

Part of the Living Range collection. the Living Rings are elegantly irregular. You can wear a single ring or layer multiples for a more fashion forward statement

5. Ubercuff

For a more contemporary look we are loving the uberCuff – sterling silver combined with leather – the perfect accessory for day.

Don’t forget to enter our amazing competition to win your very own personalised Uberkate necklace!

What’s your favourite Uberkate piece?

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