P. Diddy says NO SEX please!

October 28, 2003

P. Diddy says NO SEX please!

In announcement that’s bound to devastate women around the globe, R & B bad boy P.Diddy has told American newspaper USA Today that he’s abstaining from sex for two whole weeks while he goes into final preparations for the New York City marathon on November 2. “Two weeks is a long time for me, because I’m a very healthy Scorpio. My hormones are raging. I’m a young man, very passionate, very romantic.” The former beau of J.Lo, is making good use of his trademarked sports attire, entering the marathon in hopes to raise over $1 million US for the health and education of underprivileged kids in New York.

Long live the King!

Like to earn more than $70 million dollars from the grave? It’s easy if you are the king of rock and roll! Elvis Presley topped the “deceased top earners” list on Forbes.com for the third year in a row. Snoopy creator Charles Schulz came in a ghostly second with $50 million, while the original Lord of the Rings, J.R. Tolkien, came in third with over $40 million. Don’t know if this is a list that many celebrities are dying to get on!

A rolling Kate gathers no moss

Is Kate Moss ever going to marry Jefferson Hack? Apparently, after the wedding of pal Stella McCartney in September this year, the pair sent out hand written invitations to their own nuptials, due to take place in November this year. “Plans have been laid down for quite a while but obviously everything has to be kept very secret,” a friend told the Evening Standard. “Kate and Jeff learned quite a lot from Stella McCartney’s wedding.” But it appears that the perennial London party-girl may have called off the wedding. The pair had daughter, Lila Grace, over a year ago and were due to walk down the aisle in the UK next month. But with the wedding date yet to be rescheduled, it looks like Jefferson will have to be a little more patient if he wants to tie the willowy Moss down for good.

Holly’s new neighbours – ladies of the night

Hot on the heels of her costly courtroom battle comes another scandal for singer Holly Valance. The 20-year-old has learned the hard way, that her expensive apartment in west London directly above first floor premises being used for prostitution. Valance told friends that she is fed up with late night callers making noise outside her window. She told The Sun “The house always smells of laundry powder because they wash the sheets downstairs. I haven’t been there long but I’ve already called the police a few times when certain people on the street bash each other on the doorstep.” Valance said she does not feel safe at home alone, but because of her busy schedule in Europe she is not able to live with her boyfriend Peter Ververis in Australia. “It’s just the way it has to be right now and we accept that – until I make enough money to fly him on a private jet and tie him down with a ball and chain.” Indeed.


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