Packing Tips For The Queen’s Birthday Long Weekend

June 6, 2012

Next weekend is the last long weekend before November – eek! So you better get packing, and the clever travellers at Samsonite have shared their top packing tips for a winter retreat, family getaway and ski holiday.

Winter Retreat

· Whether travelling via road, sea or in the air, packing snacks can save a lot of stomach ache, and heartache.

· Remember you’re heading away for a weekend, not a lifetime, so leave the kitchen sink at home. One warm jacket and two warm jumpers will see you through.

· For the ladies as hard as it may be, only pack one pair of boots.

· Skip the Ugg boots and pack socks instead for those warm nights lazing in front of the fire.

· For a road trip pack a couple of bottles of red wine ready to open when you arrive. There is nothing more annoying than getting to your destination then having to drive around to stock up on supplies.

· Save time when flying by taking a smaller suitcase as carry-on luggage to smugly stride past the luggage carousel lines.

· Even though it’s winter don’t forget your bathers! It’s the perfect time to get into a hot spa or sauna.

Family Getaway

· Stock up on inexpensive “prizes” from a $2 shop to award for good behaviour on the journey. Keep them handy for the trips to and from your destination.

· Pack hand sanitizer – it works without water and is perfect for cleaning grimy, sticky hands when you can’t find a bathroom.

· For younger children on aeroplanes, pack bottles or pacifiers to help ease inner ear pressure. For older children, chewing gum can serve the same purpose.

· Always pack a skipping rope! It’s easy small-space exercise for parents or older kids, and can double as a clothesline or emergency fastener.

· Travelling with a baby or toddler, bring along a box of denture cleanser tablets. They are amazing for cleaning pacifiers, baby spoons, sippy cup lids, and anything else that is hard to sterilize on the road.

For the Snow

· Consider a hard-sided suitcase that will be particularly water resistant and hold up well on rugged adventure trips.

· Pack lighter clothing for social nights out.

· Using sunscreen on those sunny days will prevent you from looking like you never took your goggles off.

· Remember to pack a neck warmer. They make for a much more comfortable chair lift journey.

· Save your lips. Pack Paw Paw ointment to protect your lips from the drying out.

· To ensure you don’t forget key clothing items for the slopes pack your ski wear in the order you will put them on.

· If you are bringing ski boots, pack your socks, gloves and smaller items in them to create more space in your case.

Are you going away over the Queen’s Birthday long weekend?

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