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Painful Fashion: The Effects of Tight Clothes

Painful Fashion: The Effects of Tight Clothes

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Women’s clothes are generally less comfortable than men’s clothes, it’s not a secret. But just how much pain do women have to go through and what effects does tight clothing have on our bodies? These questions are easily answered – without any words, but through photographs by Justin Bartels.

In a series of black and white photographs showing women’s bodies who had just taken off tight clothing, such as skinny jeans, push up bras, or lace up heels, Bartels gives us an impression of the impact fashion can have on our bodies. Deep marks are left by every seam, lace, or button; one woman’s bare feet even look as if she is still wearing her lace up heels, the dents are that deep.

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Bartels had the idea for the photo series after dating different women who all had one thing in common: Tight and uncomfortable outfits. By showing the marks, which are almost wounds, Bartels wants us women to question why we choose style over comfort. The answer would most likely include society’s unrealistic beauty standards and expectations.

Seeing those pictures as a woman, what is shown seems familiar as most of us have worn tight jeans before or heels that leave not only marks, but blisters and cuts on our feet. What seems normal to us, really should make us think: Why do we choose skinny jeans over loose pants and high heels over medium heels? Are we trying to please others? Is it masochism? And most of all: Is it worth it?

Justin Bartels painful clothesJustin Bartels painful clothes


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