Paltrow opens up on US TV

October 14, 2003

Paltrow opens up on US TV

Gwyneth Paltrow has revealed, on US television, no less, that it was she who dumped Brad Pitt, who was her fianc?e at the time. Paltrow finally broke her silence, on camera, about her relationship with ex-boyfriends Brad Pitt and Ben Affleck in an interview with Diane Sawyer. Oscar-winning Paltrow, who divides her time between London and New York, told Sawyer: ?I was the architect of my own misery. I just made a big mess out of it.? She went on to say: ?I’m so lucky that I spent time with Brad, somebody who was such a good person! Especially when I was, like, such a mess.? She said of another ex-beau, Ben Affleck, ?Ben makes life tough for himself. He’s got a lot of complication, and you know, he really is a great guy.? Oooh Miaoooww! Bet Jenny from the Block will have a few words to say about that little revelation!

Britney says she?s not that kinda girl

Seems like Britney Spears is torn between her goodgirl/badgirl image once again. In an interview in Esquire magazine, Brits reportedly said “The record label wanted me to do certain kinds of songs, and I was like, ‘Look, if you want me to be some kind of sex thing, that’s not me.? I will never do that. I’m still doing what I love to do.” But it seems that actions speak louder than words – Miss Spears, in recent times has adorned the cover of both Elle UK and Rolling Stone magazine baring her best assets. Apparently on the cover of Esquire she is clad in only a white jumper and heels, styled in a look which harks back to a sexy, vintage Angie Dickinson photo. P.S. The pictures inside the mag are anything but demure. Hmmm.

Brits goes on (and on and on!) in the interview with Chuck Klosterman claiming she doesn’t dress provocatively and swears that she never thinks for a minute about the possibility she’s fantasy fodder for millions of American males. Aww, come on Brits how dumb do you think we are? “I don’t think about things like that” she says. It appears that Brits doesn?t rate her celebrity very highly either – “I’m famous, but I’m not famous like freaking Brad Pitt or Jennifer Aniston. But in my weird little head, I just think we’re all here to inspire each other. We just bounce off each other and show the world what we can do.” Weird little head? You said it, not us.

Clooney and Zeta-Jones sizzle it up

Fans of the Joel and Ethan Coen take note! If you liked Raising Arizona and Fargo then you must be well versed in the devilishly clever Coen brother?s dark yet strangely kooky sense of humour. Keep your eyes peeled for their fab new film Intolerable Cruelty, starring two of Hollywood?s hottest stars. George Clooney is a high powered divorce lawyer (sounds perfect for handsome bachelor boy) and Catherine Zeta-Jones as a money hungry serial divorcee (ooh, could that be a little too close to the truth!). This latest Coen production has been likened to an old fashioned screwball romantic comedy and the chemistry between the Clooney and Zeta-Jones has been described by some critics in the States as ?scorching?. This one sounds like a must-see when it hits our screens later this year.

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