Parenting Advice You Should Probably Forget

August 19, 2013

As a mum, you probably feel bombarded daily with tons of parenting advice from magazines, television, friends and family. While some of these parenting tips might be useful, a lot of the pervasive parenting advice is absolute junk. Here are three myths on how to parent that every mum should forget – immediately.

Myth #1: The best way to raise a child is with a vegan, gluten-free, organic, etc. diet

Gwyneth Paltrow famously said that she would rather do drugs than give herself or her kids canned cheese, while vegan mum Alicia Silverstone insists that an animal-free diet is the only proper way to raise children for optimal health. It’s quite trendy these days to keep your kids on a strict healthy eating plan, but the notion that you have to is junk. Plenty of really great mums have been known to occasionally give their kids a bit of fast food or take-away when things are hectic and cooking dinner isn’t an option. However, good mums know that if Wednesday’s dinner was burgers, then Thursday’s dinner should be something more wholesome. The key is overall moderation, not obsessiveness. (Of course, if your child has allergies or dietary restrictions, you absolutely should follow their diet plan religiously.)

Myth #2: Once you have children, you must devote every waking second to them

This is one of those parenting tips that your grandmother might have doled out when you first found out you were pregnant. It’s also a good one to forget. Of course good mums are always there for their kids and devote the majority of their time to mothering, but even the best mums need an occasional night for themselves. Every once in a while, take a night off to either meet up with the girls or have a date with your husband while the kids stay with a grandparent or babysitter. It doesn’t mean you’re a bad mum – it means you’re human, and it will likely save your sanity!  Remember, don’t be a martyr.

Myth #3: Housewives have no place in 2013. Truly “modern mums” must have both a family and a career

The notion that stay-at-home mums are somehow lesser beings than their working counterparts is a huge pile of rubbish. The beauty of being a post-millennium parent is that you and your spouse have the option to parent however works best for you. Whether you want to stay at home while your husband works or even vice versa, there is simply no right or wrong way to manage your family and household. As an added bonus should you choose to stay home: Housewives burn far more calories than their working mum peers.

What mummy rules and parenting tips do you wish you’d never heard? Let us know in the comments.

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