Paris Hilton & Doug Reinhardt split

April 19, 2010

Paris Hilton and Doug Reinhardt in happier times. Image: Pop Dirt. Content: Bang Showbiz

Doug Reinhardt has confirmed he has split from Paris Hilton.

The reality TV star revealed his 14-month relationship with the hotel heiress is over but insists the break-up is amicable.

He said: “Despite what many of the uninformed tabloid journalists are saying, Paris and I met at her house last night and have decided to split.

“It’s unfortunate that things are being said about us that are inaccurate. I continue to wish her only the best.”

It has been previously claimed that Paris dumped Doug earlier this month as she was worried he was just using her to help his career.

The blonde socialite was said to have been furious after it was revealed he was to become a producer on a reality TV show for his sister and wanted her to take part.

A source said: “Paris never had any plans to participate in the reality show, but Doug was pressuring her to be a part of it, and she flatly refused. Without her involvement, it’s a no-go.”

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