Paris Hilton dumps Tinkerbell

August 16, 2005

Paris Hilton dumps Tinkerbell

Paris Hilton has decided her pet Chihuahua Tinkerbell is now longer suited to her image, so has got rid of him. According to a friend, “She only likes them when they’re very small and Tinkerbell got too big.” No word about what her new pampered pooch will be, but poor Tinkerbell has been sent to Paris? mum Kathy?s place to live out her days.

The King of Gossip!
Sir Michael Caine says he is the gatekeeper of all the secrets of Hollywood? but he isn?t one to kiss and tell. Apparently it drives all his friends mad as he refused to divulge his friends? famous secrets. The 72-year-old actor says he adores hearing about the gritty details of others? private lives: “I love listening to gossip but I never, ever repeat it. So the result is that I know everything about everybody, but I’m not going to tell you, so don’t bother to ask.” Pretty please, Michael?!

Eva no longer desperate for an award
Eva Longoria was reportedly feeling a little neglected after realising all her Desperate Housewives co-stars were nominated for an Emmy and she missed out. Hopefully the realisation that a younger set prefers her to the other housewives will help sooth that bruised ego. She was awarded breakout female actress at this year?s Teen Choice Awards and the show was also given the award for breakout show and best cast. Not a bad effort! Meanwhile, her unusual passion has got her in a bit of hot water lately. Apparently in an interview last week, she confessed a love of vibrators. Following the confession, she was sent hundreds of sex aids, saying: “People sent them to me by the truckload. Boxes and boxes and boxes. I gave them to all my girlfriends.” But her television network ABC, told Eva off, telling her to stop repeating the word ?vibrator?. Hmm? are these middle aged, powerful men a little intimidated by a woman asserting her sexuality perhaps? How unusual!

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