Paris Hilton is single again!

July 27, 2004

Paris Hilton is single again!

Lock your men up
Paris Hilton and her boy band beau Nick Carter, have gone their separate ways according to Hilton’s publicist. The party princess and boy band member have been a item for a whole seven months making this one of the hotel heiress/TV star?s longest relationships. It was 23 year old Hilton who ended the romantic relationship, said her publicist, Gina Hoffman. “She’s concentrating on her work,” Hoffman said. Keen to look like he was the dumped rather than the dumpee Carter, 24 was quick to tell anyone that would listen that he was feeling good despite the break up. “This is the time of my life,” he said. “I’m back in the studio ready to go on tour with the guys.” He told People magazine and added: “I want to be free to date other people and I got tired of all the rumours of trouble in our relationship.” What rumours? Looks like there really was trouble in that relationship!

Only $100K per episode? Poor George…
CSI actors back on the team
Disgraced actors George Eads (Nick Stokes) and Jorja Fox (Sara Siddle) will both be back on the job next week at CSI: Crime Scene Investigation after learning a lesson in hardball network politics. Eads reached an agreement to return to one of US television’s most popular dramas after he was fired for skipping work in what CBS believed was a contract dispute, CBS entertainment spokesman Chris Ender said. He rejoins Jorja Fox, who came to her own agreement to come back on Thursday. Eads pleaded it was all just a lack of communication and has been hired back at his old salary a measily $100K per episode. “It’s a big misunderstanding, straight up,” Eads told the Television Critics Association. “I want all this to work out. CSI is a part of who I am.” And the politically correct response from series creator Jerry Bruckheimer was, “We are thrilled that Jorja and George could work things out with CBS and return to the show.” Now can they all get back to work?

Wink wink – the big trousersnake bit is true…
Justin Trousersnake demands apology
Justin Timberlake is so in love with Cameron Diaz he’s willing to go to court to prove it! Timberlake’s publicist, Ken Sunshine, confirmed that Timberlake is indeed demanding an apology from London’s News of the World after the trashy UK tabloid published a report from a model who claimed she had a sexual liaison Timberlake while his famous girlfriend was in Los Angeles. Diaz claims that the model “just wanted publicity” from supposedly sleeping with her boyfriend and she is firmly standing by her man, “We are solid, and I love him,” she told US Weekly in response to the increasing number of stories alleging the couple’s breakup. The published account of said affair, appearing in the News of the World under the title “Trousersnake Did Dirty on Diaz,” and was full of very racy with comments from the 22-year-old model that said Timberlake, 24 was “obsessed with my boobs.” “I was impressed,” the model went into more detail than required with comments like “He’s bigger than average, and I was overwhelmed. But I didn’t really like kissing him, because his lips were too small.” Picky Picky!

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