Paris Hilton shuns showbiz hunks

July 28, 2010

Paris Hilton doesn’t want a famous boyfriend.

The socialite – who has been single since splitting with ‘The Hills’ star Doug Reinhardt earlier this year – admits she finds it difficult to date someone in the public eye and is looking for a more low-key romance next time. She said: “It’s really hard in my position just being in a relationship, because so much goes along with it.

“The media are constantly making up stories and it’s just hard to know if you can trust a guy who has fame. “I’d rather be with someone who’s not in the public eye – I think it just makes it easier, and I don’t know there’s so much that comes along with it. I’d rather be with someone who’s not in this world.”

Despite her single status, the 29-year-old star says she is happier than ever as she has had more quality time to spend on herself and with her loved ones.
She added in an interview with Heat Magazine: “I’m so happy right now. I’m spending time with my girlfriends and my sister and my family and just really getting to know myself. I’ve always had a boyfriend, so right now it’s really important for me just to focus on me and my life and not really put all that energy into someone else.

“I’m having the time of my life – I didn’t know I could be this happy.” Wow now we can all rest easy that she is happy.

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