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Paris Hilton to be Mother Teresa?

Paris Hilton to be Mother Teresa?

Paris Hilton to be Mother Teresa?

Paris Hilton performing in his new movie (no it?s not porn). Apparently Award-winning director T Rajeevnath thinks Paris would be perfect for the role of Mother Teresa. The reason for this decision is because he was impressed that Paris refused to pose nude for Playboy magazine. Although his casting agents in California have contacted her, he admits that she is up against some competition. “There are several actresses willing to play the role of Mother Teresa, the most widely respected and loved person, the history of the actress who is finally chosen for the role would have to be analysed thoroughly before she is chosen.” Hmmm, Paris is a lot of things but we?re not sure ?widely respected? is one of them. The English-language film will be mostly shot in West Bengal and overseas.

Oprah’s exclusive radio deal
Oprah is already adored by fans of her daytime talk show The Oprah Winfrey Show, but now she?s hoping to build a new market. She has recently signed an exclusive three year agreement with XM Satellite Radio which will see her host a new radio channel called Oprah & Friends. The satellite station will feature daily segments on a variety of topics including nutrition, health, fitness, home and self improvement. Hosts will include popular guests of the show including Nate Berkus and Marianne Williamson and will also air a weekly reality television radio show with Oprah and her friend Gayle King. “Together with my friends, we look forward to creating programming that will entertain, inform and inspire our listening audience on XM,” says Oprah.

Neve Campbell, star of the Scream horror franchise and the 90?s teen weepy Party of Five is engaged to actor John Light. Apparently the 31-year-old Brit dropped to one knee and recited Shakespeare to his 32-year-old love. Neve split from her former husband Canadian actor Jeff Colt in 1997 and has also been linked to John Cusack. The pair are yet to set a date… Mel Gibson has decided that his private Fijian island isn?t quite home yet, so he is shipping in his own 8 lane bowling alley. Mel bought the 5,411-acre Mago Island in Fiji in late 2004 for $15 million, but after Fiji?s only bowling alley closed down, he decided to ship it across to his island. No doubt his seven children are thrilled, they get a personal lane each with one to spare!

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