Paris Hilton’s engaged!

May 31, 2005

Paris Hilton’s engaged!

Paris Paris = Love
Paris Hilton?s spokesman has confirmed that her Greek shipping heir boyfriend, Paris Latsis has popped the question. Apparently Paris (female) returned to New York last Wednesday after the London premiere of her new film House of Wax and her boyfriend proposed that night. Why-oh-why didn’t he propose in Paris, France?! The pair celebrated with 75 family and friends on Saturday night, and Paris told US Weekly magazine, ?I feel like we were meant to be, and I’m happy to have found someone to spend the rest of my life with.” Maybe Paris (male) has been a good influence on the pampered heiress? Recently she spoke out saying she isn?t interested in just looks anymore and personality is more important. “I just want someone who is loyal to me, who treats me well and loves me, is funny and makes me laugh… They don’t even have to be cute. When I was younger I just wanted to date all the hot guys, but now I’m just like, these people are not going to be beautiful forever and it doesn’t matter.” Despite her proclamations of love, she still seems to have one eye wandering, admitting she has a crush on 50 Cent. ?He’s so cool,” she gushed. “Apparently he’s really funny and he’s so cute too, and I love his music? I think he would be the best boyfriend a girl could wish for.” Hmmm wonder how long this engagement will last…

What’s going on with Tom?
The very public feelings of love Tom Cruise has been declaring for his new girlfriend Katie Holmes seems to have even the most romantic of us feeling sceptical. Firstly there were the very public affirmations of love for the 26-year-old from the usually reserved 42-year-old. Then came his display on Oprah which included jumping on her leather couch and dropping to his knees in excitement. This overt (and some may say revolting) display of love has been seen in countless interviews since. “I’m really, really happy and I can’t contain it,” he told one interviewer. One wonders how his ex wives and children are feeling at this moment. Slightly cheated? The US public is certainly sceptical: 63% of US People readers aren?t convinced by Cruise?s declarations of love whereas 65% of US Weekly?s readers also agree the stars are being insincere. A columnist for the New York Times wrote, “Through all the changes that have swept Hollywood over the years, one thing still endures: strategic love. But it is still the easiest way to grab flattering publicity.”

Will Katie dump Tom?
Funnily enough Katie has remained quite tight-lipped, only admitting that she always dreamed of marrying Tom Cruise when she grew up. It seems Katie isn?t quite as enamoured as Tom, and really can you blame her? Surely dating your teenage crush could never be as exciting as the dreams you create. It?s also becoming apparent that innocent ‘lil Katie has dumped her fair share of leading men. She dated both her Dawson?s Creek co-stars James Van Der Beek and Joshua Jackson in quick succession, dumping both within a matter of months. Hmm the plot thickens…

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