Paris, Orlando, Lindsay Stung By ‘Bling Ring’ Celebrity Robberies

September 1, 2010

Paris, Orlando, Lindsay Stung By ‘Bling Ring’ Celebrity Robberies

Some of Hollywood’s biggest stars have spoken about being the victims of a ‘bling ring’ string of robberies.

Paris Hilton, Orlando Bloom, Lindsay Lohan, Brian Austin Green, Rachel Bilson and The Hills’ Audrina Patridge have all testified at a trial of three women and ten men who have been accused of breaking into celebrity homes and stealing their personal possessions.

Around $2.5 million worth of goods, mostly jewellery have been stolen from the celebrities but never recovered.

Paris had another attempted break-in just last week at her Beverly Hills home, when she tweeted that she woke up to find a stranger ransacking her bedroom. A nude photo of Paris that was stolen was later recovered.

Lindsay claims the thieves stole jewellery, a fur coat, clothing and expensive artwork, while Rachel Bilson suffered a sentimental loss, losing her mother’s engagement ring.

Orlando, who had around $500,000 worth of possessions stolen, including his prized watch collection, says the worst thing for him is that he finds it hard to trust people.

“It’s just awful because you are suddenly second-guessing everything.

“You are like, ‘Who has been in my house?’ You know, the value of things kind of fades away. It’s really about who is it, who am I starting to question?”

Some of the burglars, including a reality TV star, have already done time while others are still on trial.

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