Paris & Paris on hiatus

July 26, 2005

Paris & Paris on hiatus

Paris alone once more
Paris Hilton has stormed out of Greece after a tiff with her shipping heir fianc? Paris Latsis. The pair were planning on a month long holiday in the Greek islands when only 2 weeks in, the 24-year-old heiress upped and left. “She’s gone,” Latsis’ father told US Star magazine. “They had a tiff and she flew out. My son is much too young to marry. His studies come first.” Apparently the pair isn?t speaking at the moment, so all wedding plans are on hold and although male Paris is devastated, his family seems to be pleased. One friend said, “He’s in love with her but his family hopes it’s all over. If there’s to be a wedding, the family thinks they should wait a few years ? but that’s not on her agenda.”

Kevin?s MIA
Ooh Kevin, not proving to the folks at home about what a good father you?ll be to Britney?s bub? Kevin Federline?s son Kaleb celebrated his first birthday last Wednesday but dad was nowhere to be seen. According to Kaleb?s mum, Shar Jackson, he didn?t even send a birthday card. According to a rep for Shar, the day “came and went without a visit, present or phone call from Kevin or Britney”. Shar?s friends and family were in abundance and helped celebrate with the little tot, although her boyfriend Quentin Tarantino wasn?t able to make the bash.

Congratulations Tom Cruise!
Tom Cruise?s mum must be so proud ? his latest performances have clinched him the top spot in a new American poll. But it?s not his role in War of the Worlds that have impressed the judges; Tom?s jumping up and down act on the Oprah Winfrey Show has ensured he is the winner of the Celebrity Meltdowns poll. The poll was compiled by US magazine TV Guide and he even managed to beat Michael Jackson, Courtney Love and Mariah Carey. Hope Katie?s taken a look?

Courtney Love in hospital

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