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Party-pooper Penelope

Party-pooper Penelope

Party-pooper Penelope

Penelope prefers to avoid the parties
Penelope Cruz says she hates the endless celebrity events that come with fame, because she believes she?s being paid to act, not to party. She said she never goes to the famous Hollywood bashes, preferring quiet meals with friends instead. “I never go to parties. I only ever go to my own premieres or premieres of friends that I particularly want to support. I don’t particularly like the party side of Hollywood? I’m much more focused on the work side of it, that’s what I’m paid for. My social life does not centre on the night, although I have to admit I would like the LA restaurants to stay open a bit later so I could keep up the Spanish custom of long dinners with friends.”

Is this the face of a serious actor?
Justin – a serious actor?
Oscar winner Kevin Spacey has been singing praises of Justin Timberlake, saying he has what it takes to be an actor. Kevin and Justin starred together in Edison, a film about a young journalist who makes a troubled alliance with a burnt-out reporter (Morgan Freeman) and the DA’s top investigator (Spacey) after uncovering an elite unit of corrupt cops. Kevin says, “Justin was very serious about taking this role on… I think he was smart, in that he didn’t try to do a movie that was shaped around him, or where he had to play a musician? I think it was smart of him to take on a role of a journalist, and a journalist who hasn’t proved himself yet. It’s kind of a good role because he’s an actor that hasn’t proven himself yet.” Kevin went further to say, ?I think he’s being smart about wanting to carve out a career for himself after this pop idol stuff is done.” I guess we?ll just have to believe it when we see it!

The Beckham boys
Beckham babies get own castle
Are they serious?! Romeo and Brooklyn Beckham have been given a $300,000 wooden castle to play with in their garden. The castle comes complete with turrets, a drawbridge and electric lights so the boys can play in the winter months. The UK?s Evening Standard also reports the tower has two stories and rubber matting to ensure the boys don?t fall and hurt themselves. The giant house stands at least 100 square feet. A source says, ?It’s massive, bigger than my house and certainly not the simple rope hanging from a tree branch with a tyre on the bottom most children have – but then this is the Beckhams we are talking about.”

Baywatch tops the stink list

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