Patterns & learn how to wear them

March 3, 2000

Now, before you go and purchase the perfect patterned coat, or the stripe knit make sure you know what you are doing. The wrong pattern can make you look like you’ve gained a kilo or ten!
Dos and Don’ts for Pattern Wearing
  • Don’t wear patterns too close to your face or they can make you look like a circus clown.
  • Try not to wear patterned clothing when you have an important meeting or an interview or even when you are having your picture taken. People will notice your outfit first rather than you.
  • When buying patterned pants or skirts try to keep to muted colours and smaller patterns.
  • Don’t wear horizontal lines on areas you want to de-emphasise.
  • When wearing patterned shoes (like leopard print) wear only with solid clothing. Like all black.
  • Scale the pattern to your body size. For example if you are rather petite, wear petite size patterns ONLY.
  • When buying patterned clothing always do this test before you purchase. Stand in front of the mirror and close your eyes, open them up and if the first thing you notice is your loud blaring shirt, take it off and give it straight back to the shop assistant. Do not pass go and do not part with your hard earned cash!

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