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Why It Pays For Your Health To Be Grateful

Why It Pays For Your Health To Be Grateful

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It’s the things in life that we never really stop to think about, like being able to put food on the table, having enough money to pay the bills and just being alive and living a healthy life. When things get busy and you’re stressed and feeling down, it’s easy to fall into the trap of asking why things are so hard for you.

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That’s why being grateful is so important in life. It’s about remembering how lucky you are to have what you have, being humble and helping out those who are less fortunate than yourself. When I was younger, I always used to complain about how ugly my feet were and how my feet would never look good wearing open heels or sandals. My mother would look me right in the face and say: “At least you have feet to walk on,” – this really hit home for me.

Being grateful is about valuing what you have in life and it’s fantastic for your attitude, your happiness, and your health. Gratitude in your life leads to lower levels or stress and depression, as well as more positive emotions and higher levels of life satisfaction.

By ignoring the urge to dwell on the things that haven’t gone your way and being thankful for the things that you have received in this world, you are allowing yourself to see the positives in life.

Those who show gratitude are more likely to take better care of themselves by engaging in regular physical activity and eating a healthier diet. Being grateful is also said to be an immune system boost as being optimistic leads to better immune function. They are also said to engage in more protective behaviours when it comes to health, like scheduling regular check ups and taking a ‘prevention over cure’ attitude.

One way that you can start to focus on what you are thankful for is by keeping a gratitude journal and writing down daily the things of the day that you are grateful for. By focusing on the positives of the day, you are helping yourself to de-stress and become a happier, healthier person.

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