What Your Pee Colour Says About Your Health

September 6, 2015

Yellow, green, red, or blue – your pee can come in a variety of shades, but peeing the colours of the rainbow isn’t always healthy. That’s why we’ve done the research to determine exactly what your pee colour says about your health.

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Your unusual pee colour could be the result of your hearty lunch of beetroot, or, it could indicate kidney disease, a nasty urinary tract infection, or even severe dehydration.

Some funky colours could be a lack of water, with shades of dark yellow, ranging to amber or honey hues indicating normal, but in need of some hydration. While syrup or brown ale colours could be severe dehydration, some could indicate a form of liver disease. If, however, you’re drinking a lot of water and your pee is a darkish hue, it’s advisable to see your doctor (just in case).

But before you start studying your pee with a magnifying glass, take a look at this fantastic infographic from Cleveland Clinic, a non-profit academic centre in Ohio, who put together a handy table to help you determine just how serious your wacky pee colour really is.

What does your pee colour really mean?
What does your pee colour really mean?

According to the study conducted at the Cleveland Clinic, pale, straw coloured pee is the optimal colour and dictates good health and enough water. If your pee is so clear it’s practically transparent, however, you might want to dial back on the water – you could be drinking too much (and yes, there’s such a thing as drinking too much water). Transparent yellow to dark yellow is also normal, but the darker you get the more need you have for water.

The colour of your pee could be harmless, but nobody ever died form playing it safe. So if you’re worried about your urine’s unusual hues, seeking medical help never hurts!

Image via Fox News, Cleveland Clinic

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