The Perfect Relationship (According to Science At Least)

Julia Blanter

Even if you’re in a happy relationship, you’ve probably wondered, what exactly is the perfect relationship? Who is the happiest couple out there? We’re not sure this couple actually exists, but researchers from around the world think they’ve found the secret to the perfect relationship. Read on for their relationship advice for your own happily ever after.

You don’t fight (anymore)
Couples who have “angry but honest” conversations early  in their relationship were happier in the long run.

You don’t text each other
Couples who spend more time texting than having face-to-face conversation are less happy in their relationship.

You both do you fair share at home
Those who share household tasks like cooking and cleaning and clearly outline each person’s responsibilities are more likely to feel satisfied in their relationship, according to a UCLA study.

You’re very similar
Couples who share similar  interests and traits are happier. “If your partner is helping you become a better person, you become happier and more satisfied in the relationship,” one researcher told the New York Times.

You both laugh at the same jokes
Researchers have found that a similar sense of humour is beneficial to long-term relationships. In one study of couples married for at least 45 years, sense of humour was among the top three reasons given for a couple’s success.

You’re genuinely happy for each other
Couples who celebrated their partner’s achievements as if they were their own experienced greater satisfaction than those who reacted with indifference or apathy.

You spend money the same way
One survey found that couples who spend money the same – whether they splurge or save – are the happiest.

You have lots of sex
Increasing sex from once a month to once a week results in a happier relationship, according to this paper.

So, sound like anyone you know? There’s probably no such thing as the perfect relationship, although there are some handy reminders about what make a relationship stronger.

What do you think makes a strong relationship?