Perfecting Your Smile

September 7, 2010

Perfecting Your Smile

Having a great smile does wonders to your self-esteem, and whether you have a wedding coming up or just always wanted to look your best, we find all out you need to know about perfecting your smile with one of Sydney’s leading cosmetic dentists, Dr. Angelo Lazaris.

What are some options for brides wishing to improve their smile?

There are many options available to brides who are wishing to improve their smile, however our most popular and easiest treatment options are teeth whitening, Invisalign and porcelain veneers.

Current advances in cosmetic dental materials and techniques have made beautiful smiles increasingly accessible which is ideal for every bride wanting to look beautiful on their big day. The beauty of cosmetic dental procedures is that amazing results can be achieved through non-surgical means and relatively quickly and easily. The broad range of treatments that include tooth whitening, straightening with clear plastic aligners (Invisalign), porcelain veneers can be used individually or as combined treatments to address a wide array cosmetic dental problems prior to the big day but the most important factor is careful pre-treatment consultation and planning with a dentist who has experience in cosmetic dental procedures.

There is no universal treatment that applies to everybody, so it is essential to regard the smile in relation to the face and personality of the patient, so that the final results are both naturally beautiful, and more importantly, exactly as the patient wanted and expected.

What are the different tooth whitening options?

Professional tooth whitening procedures are available as an in-office treatment or take home kit, and utilises a hydrogen-peroxide based gel to neutralise the pigments in teeth to whiten them naturally. Yellowing of teeth is often associated with fillings, or chipped and worn down teeth, so adjunctive procedures such as composite (white) fillings and porcelain veneers are often used in combination with tooth whitening procedures to restore smiles to a more beautiful appearance in preparation for the big day.

Are supermarket whiteners safe and effective?

Supermarket whiteners and other over the counter products have been consistently shown in independent dental and consumer based studies to be virtually ineffective. Although based on similar active ingredients (hydrogen peroxide based gels) to professional bleaching products, they are limited concentrations and stability.

Furthermore, dental products undergo vigorous safety tests before they are allowed to be used; something that over-the counter products are not subjected to.

As many of these kits come with pre-formed trays that do not fit the teeth intimately, the effectiveness of whitening is greatly diminished, whilst gel that leaks from these ill-fitting trays can often spill out and irritate the soft tissue of the gums and throat. Whitening your teeth in an unsupervised manner can also put teeth that are affected by sensitivity or decay at risk of pain or further damage.

What solutions are available these days for someone with crooked teeth?

Whilst conventional or lingual braces are still often used, cosmetically straightening teeth has evolved dramatically from traditional braces (which are often unsightly and uncomfortable) to Invisalign, a series of invisible sequential plastic aligners that exert gentle pressure on teeth to move and straighten smiles. Invisalign is a great solution to straightening crooked teeth as they are barely visible, there is little to no impact on your social/professional engagements and treatment is relatively comfortable.

In lots of Invisalign cases dramatic results are achieved within the first few months which is great for a bride to be.

Ideally how soon before a wedding should a bride look into cosmetic dentistry?

As soon as she gets the rock on her finger! Whilst it is definitely possible to achieve some fantastic results speedily, the more time there is to plan and complete cosmetic dental treatment, the better.

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