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Yes, Women Are Aware Period Pain Really Hurts. We Live It.

Yes, Women Are Aware Period Pain Really Hurts. We Live It.

Thank goodness a man finally cleared up this whole ‘period pain’ thing. 

Stop the press! A man has said something women have been screaming for years, and so now people are taking it seriously.

In a mindblowing announcement which has stunned absolutely not a single woman, the professor of reproductive health at University College London, John Guillebaud, has recently come out and confirmed that some women experience period pain so severe, it can only be compared to a heart attack.

I, for one, wasn’t blown away by the idea that cramps could be likened to a potentially fatal condition because my uterus loves to cripple me and reduce me to a ball of tears and pain once a month. I’ve called in sick from work, I’ve had to be carried to a warm bathtub, and I’ve popped ibuprofen like Tic-Tacs to try to dull the twisting, throbbing pain which seems to be the price to pay of having a uterus.

And I’m not alone.

When Marie Claire posted about Guillebaud’s findings, the Twittersphere erupted with the cries of menstrual cramp-riddled women confirming that, yes, period pain can be really freaking painful, and wasted no time pointing out how it was sort of ironic that, once again, a woman’s pain hasn’t been taken seriously until a man confirmed it…

Comment: Do you suffer from bad period pain? 

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