Pete Evans Wants You To Eat Organic: Here’s Why

December 20, 2013

Eating organic is important to celebrity chef Pete Evans. So much so, that’s he’s a proud Australian Organic ambassador, and part of a campaign to educate Australians about how to purchase 100% honest organic products.

The simple mission of the One Logo Says It All campaign is to spread the message that when purchasing organic products, look for a certification logo before buying. There are over 14,000 products on our shelves today that are classified certified organic.  However, thousands more claim to be organic yet have not passed any testing or auditing.

SheSaid chats with Pete Evans to find out why organic is so important to him and where he shops for organic meat and produce.

Why is organic important to you?
Choosing organic is important to me because I’m passionate about nutrition and I’m a keen nature lover too, therefore organic produce and livestock is the only option for my family and I.  Organic produce is free of chemical pesticides and fertilisers, it hasn’t been irradiated and it’s non GMO, so it doesn’t propose the health risks that non organic does, and also the harmful chemicals used in non organic farming can contribute to the pollution of our precious water supply too.

Organic livestock is raised in a much more humane way and is fed a natural diet that’s free of grains, hormones and antibiotics, making it an ethical and nutrient dense option.  Also by supporting organic growers you’re choosing to be ‘wildlife’ and ‘environmentally’ friendly, because a more natural ecology is obtained through organic farming procedures.  And at the end of the day organic food just tastes a whole lot better, which is of course in my mind, ideal!

What do you say to people who think organic is too expensive?
Unfortunately organic food is often more expensive, so I advise people to buy wisely and invest in a healthier future.  I believe that choosing organic meat and poultry is crucial, and because you don’t need to actually eat a lot of it, when you balance out your budget and your plate by putting more vegetables on it instead of huge portions of meat, organic meat can actually be totally affordable.

And the fact that you can rest easy in the knowledge that you’re eating an animal that’s had a natural life, rather than an unhappy, forced fed, caged life of misery is a much healthier option mentally and physically.  As far as organic vegetables and fruit go, always buy seasonal and definitely check out local farmers markets or head out to organic community farms like Common2Us, that way you’re supporting your local community as well as getting a good deal and looking after your health!

Who are some of your favourite organic food producers?
I’m fortunate enough to be involved in an incredibly community minded, organic, grass roots store called B.U Organics and we’re very proud to support predominantly Australian grown organic produce.  We love Cleavers organic meat which comes from ecologically sustainable Australian farms. And Common2Us provides us with loads of delicious veggies and fruit, especially one of my favourites – organic kale and also both of my daughters’ favourites – organic strawberries.

What are you looking forward to cooking this summer?
We actually don’t do too much cooking over the summer months as we eat a lot of salads, ceviches, tartares, green smoothies and on special occasions, raw (sugar, wheat, gluten, dairy, grain-free) homemade desserts.  So I’m looking forward to lots of refreshing summer vegetables like celery, spinach, cucumbers, lettuces, beetroot, carrots and summer fruits like blueberries and strawberries.

Do you eat and buy organic food and products?

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