Peter Andre rejected by Aussies but embraced by Brits

April 26, 2005

Peter Andre rejected by Aussies but embraced by Brits

Peter Andre and fiance Jordan
Peter Andre is loved after all. He and fianc? Jordan have been named as one of Britain?s best loved celebrity couples. The pair received 11% of the votes and tied second with Madonna and Guy Ritchie. The surprising winners were Charles and Camilla, with 18% of the votes. The poll was conducted by Disney and was carried out to coincide with the release of National Treasure on DVD. Other celebrities were Jude Law and Sienna Miller and Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin who tied in third with 5% of the votes.

Legally boring The Aussie director of Legally Blonde, Robert Luketic has said he would never again work with Reese Witherspoon. He has said even working with Jennifer Lopez and Jane Fonder (who he?s since dubbed J-Fo) on Monster-In-Law was more fun. “She (Reese) would come out of her trailer and ask, ‘Why is everyone laughing?'” Luketic says. “She would want to know why we all had smiles on our faces. Movie making to her is a deadly serious business. I did not bond with her like I did with J-Lo and J-Fo. There is something impenetrable about that woman.” Maybe it?s all the blonde hair dye?

Natalie Portman may have won a Golden Globe but she still gets asked for ID when trying to buy alcohol. “Physically I haven’t changed since I was 13,” admits the 23-year-old Closer actress. “I can use my young looks to my advantage sometimes – but never in British pubs. I always get asked for ID when I order a drink, even though I’m five years over the legal British drinking age.”… Cynthia Nixon of Sex and the City fame, has thanked the press for helping her enjoy her new relationship without unnecessary media pressure. “There was an undue amount of focus on our relationship at first but it wasn’t so bad,” says Cynthia. “The explosion was soon over and people are very respectful about it.”

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