What Would You Do With Photoshop In Real Life?

April 30, 2014
photography, photoshop, imagery, photo editing, art

A Photoshop addict/photographer has delved deeper into her photo-editing addiction with a series of images entitled ‘Photoshop In Real Life’ where she explored what life would be like if we could alter our real selves with the software. The 20-year-old from Hungary, Flora Borsi, told the Huffington Post: “I’m really curious about what people would do with Photoshop in real life… Maybe everybody would be perfect, but only [on the] outside? What would be the difference between us?”

See the pics here.

She says she is a self-confessed Photoshop addict and relies heavily on the program to manipulate each and every photograph that she takes. Flora even admits that this practice has ultimately began to affect her own self-perception.

photography, photoshop, imagery, photo editing, art

In one images, shared on Facebook, Flora poses side-on, showing how her nose has been made to look longer and she is holding a toolbox with a mouse symbol clicking on ‘Puppet Warp’. 

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