Pick Your Poison

December 12, 2011

Hollywood nutritionist Kimberly Snyder shares some wise words about drinking during the silly season, with some great choices for picking your poison – will you guess what her favourite healthy cocktail is?


While all alcohol should be limited, it is not realistic that all of us will never have a drop of alcohol for the rest of our lives! So the trick is to choose wisely:

Wine is ok…in moderation

Choose organic or biodynamic wines with no added sulfates. Though it is fermented and does contain sugar, wine is not as hard on the liver as hard alcohol.

Beer is a no go!

The worst and most toxic drinks are the brewed alcoholic ones, like beer, tequila and rum, which cause sugar imbalances in the body and bloating. If you have to have an occasional beer, choose a darker variety, which has more minerals, over refined, lighter-coloured varieties.

Classy cocktail

If you really want a cocktail, stick o vodka. It’s the lesser of all evils.


Cut out the soda!

Soda (and that includes diet varieties) is the most acid-forming of all foods, and simply loads you up with lots of calories and absolutely no nutrition. Soda consumed regularly will demineralise our teeth and rob us of our beauty by eating up the precious minerals that create it. Stay away!

Juice: fresh is best

Because most of the good stuff is in the juice of plants, juice allows us to take in even more of these nutrients. V8 and all the other pre-packaged, pre-bottled drinks simply don’t count. The nature of the bottling process means the vegetables and fruits have been heated to such high temperatures that the enzymes and much of the nutrition have been killed and denatured. It is literally the difference between life and death: choosing living green drinks made from living foods or heated, dead, enzyme deficient drinks.

This excerpt is from Kimberly Snyder’s The Beauty Detox Solution. The book is available in Australia online at Harlequin Books now and in stores nationally from December 28 for $24.99.

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