Planning The Ultimate Wedding – Part 1

April 28, 2011

Planning The Ultimate Wedding Part 1

Kate and Wills aren’t the only ones getting married, and if you’re planning your own wedding, we’ve created the ultimate guide for a fun, stress-free wedding!

1. Budget

Consider your budget. Some believe it’s your ‘one special day’ and go all out, others are just as happy with a BBQ in the park. Will you ask your parents for financial help, or go it alone? The best way to justify your budget is deciding what’s most important for you – photography? food? your dress? – and spending the money on those details and less on things that aren’t as essential, ie favour bags.

2. The price is right

What causes the most stress in wedding planning? The costs. Remember that many vendors don’t work all year round (ie photographer tend to work mostly in spring/summer) so their prices reflect that. If prices seem high, consider negotiating – it may feel awkward but if done politely might just work in your favour – all they can say is no. Can family/friends help out? For example, is there someone you know who can do the flower arrangements, or the bridal party makeup? Also, can you move the wedding to the off-season? You’ll save a bundle having your party out of ‘wedding season.’

3. Who will you invite?

Get this out of the way early on. You can always refine it, but it will influence your budget and venue options. Sit down with your partner and make a list, and consult family. You may not have spoken to your second cousin in over a decade, but will it upset your mum if they’re not invited?

4. Venues

Think of places that ring true for you and your partner, then consider things like transportation and accommodation – will your guests will able to get home easily? You might love that rustic restaurant in the country, but where will your 150 guests stay? Does your venue allow music past a certain hour? Alternative options you might consider: your favourite restaurants, your local park (get council permission), a friend’s house outside of the city, a winery.

5. The dress

It doesn’t hurt to start dress shopping early on. Keep in mind that if you’re looking at traditional wedding dresses, they can take months to arrive from overseas, and alterations/fittings can take a few extra months on top. If you’re not into the traditional bridal gown, shop around at your favourite boutiques as you can usually find white/cream dresses every season. The hot new bridal trend is steering away from white into shades of nude, apricot and even bright colours so have fun and think outside the norm. And go shopping with your best friend – they’ll give you an honest opinion when it counts.

Look out for part 2 of our wedding planning guide tomorrow!

What are your best wedding planning tips?

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