Planning The Ultimate Wedding – Part 2

April 29, 2011

Planning The Ultimate Wedding – Part 2

Invites, check. Venue, check. Dress, check. So what else do you need to know to plan the ultimate wedding? After all Kate can’t have all the fun!

1. Theme/colour

To help shape your vision of what the wedding will look like, choose a theme or colour palette. Carry it through the whole day, from invites and menus, to entertainment and flowers for full effect – you and your guests will be really impressed.

2. Choose the right vendors

Weddings are expensive, but choosing the right vendors is vital. If you love photography, don’t ask your cousin’s flatmate who’s in a first year photography course to be the wedding photographer. You only get one chance at wedding photos! Shop around, negotiate, and save where you can, but remember – you get what you pay for!

3. There’s no need for OTT

You may be a foodie, but is a 15-course degustation what your guests will enjoy sitting through? Or if you’re into the retro theme don’t kill yourself importing vintage striped straws for the cocktails because you saw it on Martha Stewart. Plan to impress but don’t go over the top – your guests will appreciate the effort you went to but they’re there to celebrate you and have fun!

4. Something borrowed…

Most wedding rituals are beautiful, but don’t feel you need to repeat them just for the sake of tradition. Do what feels right to you. A wedding coordinator recently told me half the brides who wear veils don’t even want to, but feel they have to because of tradition. Think about wedding traditions, follow the ones that resonate with you, and feel brave enough to personalise, or even dismiss, those that don’t.

5. Have fun!

Planning such a big day can be totally overwhelming, even for the non-brides out there. Suddenly you’ve become a wedding planner, accountant, caterer, travel agent – and the wedding is months off! Take a deep breath. Ask friends and family to help, most would love to be involved. Never lose sight of the fact that this is one day celebrating the love between you and your partner, not about how puffy the bows on the back of the chairs are or how perfect the calligraphy is on your invite. Have fun planning the day – and most importantly, the day itself!

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What are you best wedding planning tips?

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