Plastic Surgery Guide: Buttock Enhancement

August 8, 2012

Buttock enhancement is a relatively new procedure in Australia that is quickly catching up with Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and LA. Plastic surgeon Dr Laith Barnouti is seeing more and more people requesting the “Pippa butt” – a nice full and perky butt to the body as opposed to the J Lo or Brazillian butt which is more enhanced and bigger.

Buttock augmentation can be achieved either through Brazilian implants or via fat transfer. The Brazilian implants, similar to breast implants are made out of highly cohesive silicone. The fat transfer procedure involves harvesting fat from the same patient but different areas of the body, purifying the fat and injecting it into the buttock areas.

What is buttock enhancement?

Buttock enhancement surgery reshapes, increases the volume and raises the glutens for a perkier appearance and can be done in two ways, it can use your own purified fat (used from you abdomen, love handles or any other excess fatty area to harvest the fat from). This is a minimally invasive procedure where 50 per cent of the injected fast will dissolve in the first six week and the remainder stays forever.

How long does recovery take?

You can return home the same day. This has quicker recovery than implants. Return to work in 2 days time, day-to-day activities in 7-10 days.

If you don’t have enough fat and you need large volume of augmentation then an implant is used. This involves having a 7cm single incision located over the tailbone in the midline, through this incision the buttock muscle (gluteus maximus) is identified and divided to create just sizeable adequate pockets for the implant. The implant will then be introduced and positioned to look natural.

Implants require an overnight stay in hospital. Day-to-day activity takes 4 weeks following surgery.

What does buttock enhancement cost

Costs start at $10,900.

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