Kim Kardashian’s Attackers May Have Just Been Found

October 6, 2016

New CCTV footage has given police a critical new lead.

After it was discovered the exclusive hotel Kim Kardashian was staying in when she was tied up and robbed at gunpoint earlier this week didn’t have security cameras, it was feared the search for her attackers may be fruitless. But a rare new discovery may now ultimately lead to the arrest of the five men who bound and gagged the 35 year-old while stealing millions of dollars worth of her jewelry.

French police have just confirmed they’ve recovered CCTV footage from the Carel shop, a boutique shoe store across the street from the iconic ‘No Address Hotel’ where the reality star was staying for the duration of Paris Fashion Week.

The footage shows a suspicious blacked-out limousine, circling Kardashian’s hotel on Sunday just before, and minutes after, the attack. The vehicle can be seen driving slowly past the hotel at 2:34a.m., 2:45a.m. and then again, at 2:54a.m. The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star made a call to her bodyguard at 2:56a.m, just two minutes later, when she finally escaped as the men made their getaway on bicycles.

The blacked-out limousine, pictured, spotted on CCTV footage.
The blacked-out limousine, pictured, spotted in the CCTV footage.

A spokesperson from the Carel show told People the store turned the CCTV footage over to French authorities on Monday.

“The police were there at 10a.m. Monday morning, waiting for the employees to come open the shop,” the spokesperson said.

“They were canvassing the street and went directly in a backroom and viewed the tapes. We gave them over.”

They also commented that it was unusual to have the same car drive up the street multiple times in one night.

“We don’t know whether this car is connected but it is odd to see it driving back and forth at that time of night. There is not a lot going on around here in the early hours of the morning so this seems unusual.”

The CCTV footage of the thieves marks the first major break in the case since investigators began canvassing the area in the early hours of Monday morning, and could offer a crucial clue as to how the thieves escaped.

Another store across from the hotel, Bel Ange nail salon, has also surrendered CCTV footage to police, including footage showing one of the salon’s large mirrors reflecting the group of attackers’ faces as they were fleeing the scene, according to NY Mag.

The $11 million heist, which left the celebrity mother-of-two fearing for her life, involved five men who posed as police officers and stole a 20-carat Lorraine Schwartz diamond engagement ring, a box full of jewels, and two cell phones containing private data from the Kardashian West family.

The family were spotted leaving through the back door of their New York City apartment for the first time since the attack earlier today; Kardashian a shell of her usual camera-ready self, shrouded in a baggy sweatshirt and cap. Reports claim a black car was loaded with luggage outside the Kardashian West NYC residence earlier in the morning, suggesting the reality star may be looking to escape the watchful eyes of the media and fans while she recovers.

In the days following the robbery, many people have been making victim-blaming comments online, going so far as to question the authenticity of the attack and doubting many of the facts about the robbery that have since been made public.

Since the attack, the Kardashian family have been mostly silent, though Kardashian’s bodyguard, Pascal Duvier, recently spoke out to The Daily Mail vowing to find the people who attacked her.

The investigation by French authorities continues as Kardashian and her family take the time to recover from the traumatic ordeal.

Video via youtube.com.

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