These Were The Most Popular Hairstyles Of 2017

November 7, 2017

There was definitely a style for everyone this year. 

Hair trends and styles come in and out of fashion with every season and every year.

One minute, everyone’s obsessed with having long hidden rainbow hair, and the next, they’re rushing to the nearest salon to get their locks lobbed off into a cute short ‘do.

This year in particular has been a year for hair experimentation; 2017 has seen everything from rose gold hair to hair contouring (yes, it’s a thing, and it’s kinda magical). And who can forget unicorn hair?!! Our Instagram feeds have been flooded with mane inspo, and our hairstylists have had lots of opinions.

And unlike previous hair trends that have come and gone faster than you can say tie-die hair, many of these 2017 hairstyles show no sign of going anywhere in 2018. So if you’re looking for some killer ideas for your next visit to the salon, maybe consider one of these winning ‘dos from the past year…

1. The ‘lob’

2017 hairstyles lob

2. Platinum hair

2017 hairstyles platinum

3. The high pony

2017 hairstyle high pony

4. Subtle flat iron waves (here’s how to do them)

2017 hairstyle flat iron waves

5. The blunt bob

2017 hairstyle blunt bob

6. Straight, middle-parted hair

2017 hairstyle straight middle part

7. Cool-girl bangs

2017 hairstyles cool-girl bangs

8. ‘Wet look’ hair

2017 hairstyle wet look hair

9. The buzz cut

2017 hairstyle buzz cut

10. Purposely grown-out roots

2017 hairstyle grown out roots

11. Natural texture

2017 hairstyle natural

12. And colored hair with dark roots

2017 hairstyle color roots

Images via favim.com and pinterest.com.

Comment: Did you have any of these styles this year? 

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