Most Popular Pet Names for Partners

February 13, 2015
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Gone are the days of calling your other half Sweetheart or Honey, with a recent study revealing Tiger, Happy feet and Bubba Rabbit are fast becoming popular pet names used for partners. Red Balloon, an online destination for gifts, analysed purchasers’ gift messages to their ‘Bae’ to unveil the most common (and strange) nicknames ahead of Valentine’s Day.

Chi Chi, Sugar Bum and Sexy Shiny Pumpkin were among the most out-of-the-ordinary that appeared on the list, while classics such as Beautiful, Baby and Sexy came in as the most popular. Darling reigned as the number one pet name for a significant other and almost doubled the amount of Dearest – the second most common.

“We’re in the business of giving good times so there’s nothing we love more than when a surprising name comes through on a gift message – it never fails to make us smile,” said Founding Director, Naomi Simson.

“It also shows that our customers share our value of having a sense of humour and fun. The more adventurous the name, we’d like to think the more unique the experience they choose.”

If you’re still searching for gift ideas for your Mr Drop Bear or Fancy Face – yes both of those names made an appearance – Red Balloon also provided a list of the top five Valentine’s Day presents purchased. A champagne breakfast was number one, followed by tandem para-sailing, massages, make-up lessons and a romantic dinner.

Most popular pet names:

1. Darling

2. Dearest

3. Baby (Babe)

4. Beautiful

5. Lovely

6. Gorgeous

7. Wonderful

8. Sweetheart


10. Princess

Most unusually popular pet names:

1. Tiger

2. Big Duckie

3. Bubba Rabbit

4. Chi Chi

5. Sugar Bum

6. Fancy Face

7. Sexy Man

8. Happy Feet

9. Sexy Shiny Pumpkin

10. Moo Moo

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