Posh : “Hurray for Hollywood!”

July 8, 2003

Posh : “Hurray for Hollywood!”

Posh Spice, aka Victoria Beckham looks set to land a role in a Hollywood movie, according to industry reports. Sitting quietly in the background while hubby sealed one of the biggest deals in European football history, his much hyped deal with Spanish club Real Madrid, Posh has now her sights set squarely on the silver screen. Her only cinematic credit to date has been playing herself in the cheesy Spice girl?s flick Spiceworld, her lack of real on-screeen experience is sure to have the critics snickering. Some still doubt her ability to sing and dance!

Leggy Liz leads the way

It seems that Mrs Beckham has had a mentor of sorts in the leggy, well-made-up form of Liz Hurley. The model-turned-actress is said to have helped line up the role for Posh, which by all accounts will be quite a money-spinner. Rumour has it that Liz thinks Posh should invest in the odd acting lesson or two. Maybe they could go together and make a day of it?

The plot thickens

Posh’s big screen chance could well be a remake of Mel Brooks’ 1968 classic The Producers. But insiders insist that Victoria, 29, will have to have acting tuition to bring her up to Tinseltown standards, with lessons slotted in around the recording of her new album. In The Daily Star an insider reveals “Victoria was told that her looks and fame weren’t enough for films and she would need acting lessons.

But it’s not a completely new world for her because she went to stage school when she was younger.” The Producers is a highly acclaimed, multiple Tony Award-winning send-up of Nazi Germany. Some commentators have suggested that Posh is a natural for the film, which is about putting on the worst stage show ever written.

Stone gets her marching orders

Actress Sharon Stone‘s husband Phil Bronstein, 52, is filing for divorce after five years of marriage, citing the standard Hollywood break up line of ?irreconcilable differences.? The glamorous couple has been the subject of rampant rumours for a couple of months now, especially since Shazza?s bizarre red carpet antics at the Canne Film Festival. Lapping up the limelight at the festival, Ms Stone, 45, appeared to be very much alone ? leaving her husband or son at home while she attended the star studded event. It is reported that the couple is keen to spare their adopted three-year-old son, Roan from the heartbreak of a nasty divorce and custody battle. The stars said in a statement they are parting on friendly terms. “We’re committed to being great parents and having a friendship, as parents, moving forward,” the statement said. “We intend to keep our son’s happiness as our foremost priority and thank you for allowing us to keep this a private family matter.”

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