19 Ingenious Pranks To Play On Your Friends This April Fool’s Day

March 31, 2019

Ready, prank, go! 

Ah, April Fool’s Day…the perfect day of the year to wreak hilarious havoc on the lives of your friends, family, co-workers, and anyone who dares cross your path on April 1.

And don’t stress if you’re short on ideas, we’ve got you covered with plenty of laugh-inducing pranks this year. After all, research has proven laughter really is the best medicine – whether it’s reducing stress, improving your mental health, or even extending your life – there’s no better gift to give yourself and your loved ones this April Fool’s Day than the gift of a good old chuckle-fest. So go forth, prank responsibly, and enjoy…

1. Set multiple alarm clocks for your roomie

pranks alarm

There’s nothing worse than hearing the dreaded alarm clock each morning. For those living with a roommate, hide a battery-powered alarm clock in their room and set it to go off every 5 minutes. Beware: you will not want to be close enough to hear these dreaded alarms or the anger your roommate is bound to release.

2. Flip your co-worker’s screen upside down

pranks computer

This prank is tame enough for the office, and can easily frustrate your work friend despite the fix being super simple. On a PC, all you need to do is hit Ctrl+Alt+Down Arrow and prepare yourself for potential computer confusion by said friend. When you feel the time is right, you can let them know the easy fix is simply Ctrl+Alt+Up Arrow.

3. Glue money to a busy sidewalk

pranks money

This is one of those classic pranks that will always trick your scavenger friends, and it’s super easy too. All you need is some super-glue and a spare coin, then you can revel in watching your friends, or strangers, unsuccessfully attempting to pick the coin up and most likely making an awkward fool of themselves.

4. Create shortcuts on your friend’s phone

pranks phone

Autocorrect can be both your friend and enemy, but it will certainly be the enemy this April Fools. On an iPhone, simply go into the settings app, tap general, then keyboard, and then text replacement. Some classics include changing ‘hungry’ to ‘horny’ or ‘lol’ to your own fun rendition of the acronym.

5. Stick an air horn behind a door handle

pranks horn

With only an air horn and some duct tape, you’ll get endless hours of entertainment watching your friends jump and scream in shock. By sticking the air horn behind the door handle, whoever walks through the door will get a scare; but feel free to be creative with your placement!

6. Replace Oreo cream with toothpaste

pranks oreo

Your friend is in for a minty surprise with this one. All you need to do is scrape out the cream in between the biscuits, replace with toothpaste and ta-da! Minty oreos.

7. Create a false spider alarm

pranks spider

It’s rare that you’ll come across someone who’s not at least somewhat scared of spiders. To get their blood pumping, run into the room and yell “check out this spider I just caught!”, drop the container and watch your friends scream.

8. Flood your friend’s belongings with pictures of their favorite or most dreaded actor/actress


Simply choose an actor, either that your friend adores or can’t stand, find a photo of them and print repeatedly. Get creative with your placement of the images and change their desktop home screen and phone lock screen as well. They’ll never look at that person the same way again. This is another good one for the office.

9. Swap your roommate’s dresser drawers

pranks underwear

When your roommate is in auto-mode of a morning, this is sure to wake them up. All you need to do is swap around which draw goes where and they’ll suddenly have to put a bit more effort into getting ready. If you want to be extra evil, mix around what’s in the drawers between multiple draws.

10. Confuse your friends with a box of treats

pranks treats

Choose a type of treat, preferably your friend’s favorite, and write “April Fool’s” on the packaging. You don’t actually need to do anything to the treat, you just get to laugh at your friend’s confused face as they try to work out what you did to it, and whether or not it’s safe to eat.

11. Text a GIF of the ‘typing’ symbol

pranks texting

Probably the most hated symbol of today, simply send your friend the ‘typing’ symbol and just wait. Eventually, they’ll probably lose their mind and demand to know what you could possibly be typing for so long, which is when you can simply reply with a short response, or. even better; a cheeky smirk emoticon.

12. Hide a walkie-talkie in your roommate’s bedroom

pranks walkie talkie

This is one of the easier, though creepier pranks you can play. All you need is a set of walkie-talkies and to hide one in your roommate’s bedroom. When they go to bed, get creative and make some scary noises, or just do a casual ‘meow’, and wait for them to react.

13. Trick your friends into thinking they subscribed to something

pranks subscribe

Here’s another one where you can get super creative. Text or call your friend from an unidentified number to let them they know they are being charged for something they never subscribed to, and probably never would. Think sloth videos and underwear coupons!

14. Fill a mayonnaise jar with yogurt

pranks mayonnaise

Just casually pull out a jar of mayo and start eating out of it with a spoon in front of people. Your friends might send in your application for My Strange Addiction.

15. Change your contact name to ‘Mom’ on your friend’s phone

pranks mom

Once you’ve changed your contact name, start sending as many un-mom-like messages as your heart desires. You can make it extreme with texts like “I’m leaving the country” or “Your father’s gone to jail”, or keep it simple, yet funny with messages like “I’m on the toilet and I need your help”.

16. Stick a funny or creepy image on your co-worker’s mouse sensor

pranks mouse

Play this joke on a colleague. They’ll first wonder why their mouse sensor isn’t working and then turn it over to find The Rock winking at them. A nice surprise we would assume, right? If you want to be a bit more wicked, stick a scary clown or creepy little girl over the sensor.

17. Paint a bar of soap with clear nail polish, so it doesn’t lather

pranks soap

This is one of those pranks that best works on the ‘clean-freak’ friend. All you need to do is coat a bar of soap with clear nail polish, and leave it to seriously confuse them during their next shower. It will definitely grind gears for some, and will also help you catch out guests who ‘forget’ to wash their hands after using the bathroom.

18. Tape a few small pieces of pasta under the toilet seat

pranks toilet

The cracking noise of pasta crumbling will make your friend think they’ve broken the toilet seat. Then they’ll be stuck trying to work out exactly what they did break.

19. Fill an Easter egg with a sauce of your choice

pranks sauce

Got a friend who hates mustard? Unravel one of their Easter eggs, puncture a small hole in the top with a knife, and fill the inside with mustard. They’ll probably be too scared to eat an Easter egg again, which means you’ll get to indulge in all their chocolate.

Images via giphy.com, tenor.com, gyfcat.com and tumblr.com.

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