Pregnancy books for a modern mum

April 5, 2005

Pregnancy books for a modern mum

Birth Stories
Katrina O?Brien
Allen and Unwin

This is a brilliant book with a very personal collection of first-person accounts of birth from a diverse group of women including famous Aussie author Nikki Gemmell, Aussie champion downhill skier Zali Steggall and comedian Amanda Keller. This is not a traditional birth book or one you would recommend to your girlfriend that has just announced her pregnancy but it is a lovely book full of heartfelt experiences by women that have given birth and are not afraid to ?spill the beans? on the whole experience! Some sad, poignant, funny and downright outrageous things happen to women in this book and someone is finally telling you what to expect! But the clear message from this book is to expect the unexpected and you will be fine! Great read!
RRP $24.95 but only $22.46 if you buy from the SheSaid Bookshop

Oh no! We forgot to have children!
Deirdre Macken
Allen and Unwin

This book is about our declining birth rates are affecting our society and is written by well respected journo, Deidre Macken who usually writes for the Australian Financial Review. As you can imagine this is not a light holiday read but is very interesting reading if you are interested in how fertility issues are going to effect more and more of our society and how it develops in the 21st century. This book is an open and honest yet very positive exploration of how we can combat the problem of a declining population and what can we do at a personal level as women in the 21st century. It also tries to enlighten women that haven?t had children, of the joy of motherhood and that is it not all the horror stories we are lead to believe by some traditional media. A great read for feeding your brain and your heart!
RRP $26.95 but only $24.26 if you buy from the SheSaid Bookshop

Balancing Pregnancy and Work
Nancy Hall with Karen Sullivan
Pan MacMillan

This book is written by two female experts on womens? health and parenting which leads you to believe they know what they are talking about. Although it is UK based the theories and advice are well worth noting. Bit dry and not many laughs in this book but covers a miriade of topics from telling your boss, dealing with stress at work, planning childcare to even planning your comeback to employment. All good advice if you have not read any other books or visited the millions of internet sites around the globe for pregnancy.
RRP $30 but only $27 if you buy from the SheSaid Bookshop

And for when you decide it’s time to fit back into your skinny jeans again…

The Lazy Girl?s Guide to Losing Weight and Getting Fit
A.J Rochester
Bantam Books

Losing weight involves effort, and time. Although the name of this book is ?the lazy girls guide?, it is more of an guide book in how to change your lifestyle for the better. The best part of this book is dedicated to outlining the changes that need to be made to habits in eating and exercise, but does not assume that you have the willpower of an Olympic athlete, outlining ways that one can have a little space for fun. The chapter I got the most out of was the four week eating guide; this helped shape my daily diet into something much healthier and even tasty!

8 Minutes in the Morning for a Flat Belly
Jorge Cruise
Pan Macmillan

Not so much about weight loss as fitness, Jorge concentrates on exercise. The 8 minutes plan means that five days out of seven you must complete the exercises set out by him. The chapter on diet and food mainly concentrates on the right things to eat, rather than thinking in negatives of what to avoid. The whole system is integrated into one another, e.g. diet is linked to exercise, and all under the ?Cruise? moniker. I found the exercises demonstrated to be easy, but the requirement of a ?Swiss ball? and a ?Medicine Ball? was off putting, as I have enough stuff filling my house without the addition of exercise equipment. But if you can handle the equipment, and the dedication, this book is for you.
RRP $30 but only $27 if you buy from the target=_blank>SheSaid Bookshop

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