Could You Be Pregnant? Early Signs of Pregnancy to Look For

January 22, 2014

If you’ve been trying to have a baby, there’s that time every month when you wonder: is this the month? Or perhaps you haven’t been trying, but you have a feeling that something is a little different. Could you be pregnant? Your body may be giving you a few hints. Look out for some of these early signs of pregnancy.

Late period
One of the strongest signs that you could be pregnant, of course, is that your period hasn’t started when you expect it. That’s because once the egg is fertilised it embeds itself into the uterine wall. Instead of shedding the lining as your body does each month, the lining builds up even further to support the embryo. If your period is very regular but now it’s late, this is a good indication that you may be pregnant. However, if you are not regular, this is a less reliable indicator.

Morning sickness
If you feel sick to your stomach and are not sick, this could be a sign of pregnancy. Many women feel nauseous in the first weeks of pregnancy. This is called morning sickness, and for some women the queasiness is strongest in the early hours of the day, but for others it can hit at any time. Morning sickness is often accompanied by a heightened sensitivity to scents. Many women suddenly do not like the smell of certain foods, perfumes or other odours.

This can be a rather vague symptom, but a symptom nonetheless. Many women feel unusually tired in the first trimester of pregnancy. Unfortunately, exhaustion can also be a sign that you are getting sick or that you simply aren’t getting enough rest. Therefore, it is not a strong indicator of pregnancy on its own. Fatigue is not something to ignore, however. It is something to consider if you are experiencing it along with other common pregnancy symptoms.

Breast tenderness
If you are feeling an unusual soreness in your breasts, you may be pregnant. Many women feel very tender early in their pregnancy. This may be one of the pregnancy symptoms that get your attention the most, especially if you do not usually feel breast tenderness at certain times of the month. If your bra feels uncomfortable or your breasts are tender to the touch, take note.

Frequent urination
When a woman is in her early pregnancy, her uterus begins to grow and can put pressure on her bladder. This is something she is not used to, which can make her feel like she has to use the toilet more frequently. It is one of the earliest changes in your abdomen, starting when the embryo itself is very small. If you suddenly need to urinate more urgently than you usually do and you do not have an infection, you may be pregnant.

If you experience any of these symptoms and there is a chance you could be pregnant, take a pregnancy test. These tests, which use a small amount of urine, are simple to carry out yourself at home. Then, if your results are positive, it’s important to follow up with your doctor as soon as possible. They will confirm the pregnancy and get you on track with a proper course of prenatal visits. If your home test is negative, give yourself another few days. If your period still does not start, consult with your doctor.

What other signs of pregnancy did you experience?

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