How To Prevent Hair Loss

April 15, 2015
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Did you know that some hairstyles can cause hair damage?

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Unnecessary hair loss can easily be prevented by simply taking more care in our daily hair routine, but what does this actually entail? Sometimes your hair loss could be a sign of a hormone imbalance (this usually happens after a pregnancy), so take care with the following tips:

Coconut oil

Not only is coconut oil great for cooking, but it’s also fantastic for hair and skincare. Apply directly onto your roots and make sure to massage slowly  it also doubles up as a soothing head massage! Keeping your scalp hydrated and healthy will actually encourage hair growth in the long-term and will also decrease the chance of dandruff.


Primarily found in eggs, whole grains and bananas, biotin is great for repairing hair and nails. It is packed with vitamin H, which benefits the entire body – even though it’s quite rare to suffer from a deficiency. If your hair is looking brittle and lacklustre, you can purchase a supplement which is also normally combined with silica for healthy skin.

Fenugreek seeds

If your hair is particularly dry or brittle, then you may want to consider Fenugreek seeds. They are so quick and easy to prepare, and adds instant softness to dry or damaged hair. Make your own DIY hair mask which includes Fenugreek seeds, coconut oil, and water to replenish the hair follicle once a week.

Protective hairstyles

Did you know that even the most common hairstyles could be damaging your hair? As a general rule, never put wet hair into a bun or ponytail since the follicles are actually most vulnerable. If hair is wet, leave it down or use a clip instead to divide your hair.

Wet brush

Use a soft bristle brush such as a wet brush to detangle any impending knots. They’re actually much more gentle on hair than a comb and won’t lead to nearly as much breakage. Use on dry hair to protect the hair follicle from damaging.

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