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July 22, 2009

When mentioned the TV play “Prison Break”, many people will be crazy. It is very popular in USA even all over the world. Exciting plots, handsome and protagonist with charming eyes are two main big attractions. But what impresses most is Wentworth Earl Miller’s full body tattoo. It is impossible for you to own the same one. But you can get tattoo T-shirts like its style. Getbetterlife.com www.getbetterlife.com has launches the newest style of tattoo T-shirts as the Prison Break style.

Everyone has a favorite “T-shirt”. And that is because the design on it makes it meaningful to the person who wears it. Wearing a T-shirt that means nothing is not cool just like wearing a tattoo design. Generally, the most 4 popular design elements used for tattoo T-shirts are skulls, angel wings, emblems and mixed tattoo designs. A skull is always associated with death, but the skull carries with it a more complex symbolism. Due to free imagination of designers, the skulls can be combined with almost any elements. Wings T-shirt designs refer to liberation, freedom, connection between earth and sky, and on a higher ground, between human existence and spiritual. The heraldry tattoo T-shirts can be meaningful and the most common symbols are: armor boards, sword, kingdom ornaments, helmet, royal crowns, guards, ribbons, eagles, lions. Mixed tattoo designs T-shirts are very popular. The heart, dragons, tribes, and anchors are just few voguish elements that successfully stick again in t-shirt designs, under the shape of tattoos this time. Anyway, tattoo industry and t-shirt designs’ can sustain each other for more popularity.

Getbetterlife.com has many choices for you of those 4 elements professional tattoo T-shirts with cool style and various colors. Those tattoo T-shirts are of high quality which are made of 100% cottons and competitive price. Feel free to contact us or visit: www.getbetterlife.com/ to get one at once. Maybe you are not the same handsome as Wentworth Earl Miller but can be cool as him.

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